Is Your Dog Destroying Your House?

destructive dog behaviorCould You Imagine Coming Home to This?

Here’s an extreme example of a dog owner returning home to complete carnage. I could cry when I see this video, because I realize what caused it – and the unimaginable stress levels these poor dogs must be feeling in order to be this destructive.  Other common occurrences of this type are holes dug in the yard or the couch, chewed tables, messes and destruction everywhere.
Sometimes it’s even worse…you start receiving complaints from neighbors that your dog has been barking non-stop every time you leave the house. But the strange thing is that the minute you walk in the door, there isn’t any barking and no destruction happens while you’re at home. It’s like your dog goes insane or something as soon as you leave!

How to Stop Your Dog from Destroying Your HouseThe Solution

But the great news is that it’s not difficult to get to the root cause of why your dog destroys the house and is barking incessantly while you’re gone. In fact, it’s one of the most common dog behavioral issues, and one of the easiest to fix.  How to stop your dog from destroying your house just isn’t that hard a problem to fix. In this article, I’m going to explain why it’s occurring and point you to a website where you can easily learn how to stop it, gently and quickly.  That site is called The Online Dog Trainer.  It’s the solution.

How to Stop Your Dog from Destroying Your House

How to Stop Your Dog from Destroying Your HouseSo why is my dog barking and being so destructive when I leave?

Let me explain to you with an analogy. Imagine that you are a parent with a small child. Your main job is to care for, look after and protect that child. Now, if the child ended up outside the house and you were locked inside, unable to get out, what would you do? Would you sit down with a cup of coffee and read the paper?

No! You would be screaming and shouting and doing everything you could to get out of the house…scratching at the doors and trying to break the windows! Your energy levels would be very high, you would be stressed, unable to calm down.

How to Stop Your Dog from Destroying Your HouseYour dog is no different.

The cause of the problem is simply that your dog thinks he is the pack leader in the home and he thinks it’s his job is to keep an eye on you and protect you. That is why your dog is stressed when you leave.  He is stuck inside the house, worried and restless – his “child” is gone, and anything could happen!

Think about it. You leave for work five days a week at 8 a.m. and leave your dog at home again and again.  Imagine what that does to him! The stress grows and grows.

Some dogs will bark continuously, some will become hyperactive and start digging holes and being destructive or chewing.  The chewing actually releases endorphins which can help calm your dog down, very similar to when humans are stressed and chew gum, or chew on a pen, or even smoke cigarettes. The bottom line is that they are stressed, unsettled, and they are wandering around all day long.  They simply cannot settle down and are desperate.

Your dog is not bored and he is not trying to “get you back” for leaving.

It’s true that dogs who don’t get enough exercise or are bored are more apt to be destructive when their owner isn’t home, but not to the level we’re talking about here.  And no matter how “human” we like to consider our dogs, they simply to not have the mental capacity to decide to rip the couch apart as a means of revenge.  Nor would they, even if they could think of it.  Dogs are all love. do Love, love, love.  They just don’t do stuff like that.

How to Stop Your Dog from Destroying Your HouseThe real solution is actually so simple, straight forward, logical and not expensive.

YOU become the pack leader and then your dog will happily rest at home when you leave.  It really is that easy.  I strongly suggest you visit the website called The Online Dog Trainer, run by professional dog trainer Doggy Dan.  This site contains more than 250 easy to understand, step-by-step training videos.  You’ll wonder how you ever owned a dog without knowing all this stuff! Regarding being a pack leader, Doggy Dan’s method uses five very powerful principals that he calls, Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules to ensure that your dog understands that YOU are the pack leader and are free to come and go as you please.

Your dog will finally be able to relax and not worry when you leave the house.  He won’t see it as his responsibility to protect you.  Dan’s methods are kind, gentle, and effective.  And here’s the great thing – he gives you a $1 trial of the website for THREE DAYS!  You can watch a LOT of training videos in three days. You may get the info you need and not choose to return to the website – or, more likely, you’ll want to purchase a membership so you can watch the other 200 videos!  Honestly, you truly will not believe how valuable and useful this information is.  You can read my full review HERE.

How to Stop Your Dog from Destroying Your HouseSo if you’re in desperate need of help, this is the perfect resource for you.

There is no need for dramatic action, just a little understanding of what’s going on in your dog’s mind. It’s an amazing solution and I recommend you CLICK HERE and enjoy your 3 day $1 trial.

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How to Stop Your Dog from Destroying Your HouseFor More About Training Your Dog, CLICK HERE

6 thoughts on “Is Your Dog Destroying Your House?”

  1. Hi Debra,
    To be honest I had always thought that our dog was just bored when we left him at home. He was the perfect dog when we were at home or even when we had guests over. However, he did bark a fair bit when we were out – a right nightmare for our poor neighbours. Now I work from home full time so by default the problem appears to have corrected itself. Now however, I think the issue has only been “parked” until another day.
    I’ll check out those videos with Doggy Dan to see if I can learn some tricks.

    1. Our dogs are so lucky that we work from home. I do wonder if mine would have problems if I went to work five days a week. Luckily for her, Mommy doesn’t have to!

  2. Hey, Debra! Great tips. I have had the companionship of a few dogs, either pinscher, lhasa apso or poodles. I never had the misfortune of any of them being particularly destructive, as it seems it was always clear who was the alpha in the house. However, I used to have serious issues with pee. Practically all of them were very badly potty trained. Is there any resource you could point me to that would address this? Thanks!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your article about what to do if your dog destroys the house when you’re gone.

    My girlfriend and I rescue dogs and cats (any critter in need actually). Some of the dogs we rescue have been mistreated and show aggressive behavior when we first get them.

    Fortunately, Doggy Dan taught me how to be the Alpha Male. When I fulfill the role of Alpha Male for the dogs, they are reassured and merge with the pack with little to no problems.

    If anyone is having issues with their dog, Doggy Dan, the Online Dog Trainer is the way to go. It’s amazing how quickly a dog’s behavior improves once you understand them.

    1. Yes, I and I believe the dog is SO much happier and more relaxed once they see you as the pack leader. Thank you for your comments! That’s awesome that you guys help animals. Love it!

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