How to Stop a Dog from Jumping on People

Professional Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist, Doggy Dan, has created a step-by-step tutorial on how to stop a dog from jumping on people.  We’ll go over the key points in this article, but I invite you to take advantage of this free, full tutorial.  I’ll also give you some extra help toward the end of this article if you’re really struggling with your dog’s behavior.

How to Stop a Dog from Jumping on People

Why Does My Dog Jump on People?

The simple answer is usually that your dog is just excited.  New people are exciting to dogs, as are visits from people they know and love.  This is usually the case.

How to Stop a Dog from Jumping on PeopleHow to Stop a Dog from Jumping on People

Here are some steps to teach your dog to stop jumping on people:

Step 1:  Put your dog on a leash.  This is a little more difficult if you aren’t anticipating guests, but if you’re expecting company, put your dog on a leash before the person arrives.  When they arrive, hold the dog on the leash until they calm down (the dog, not the guest lol).  Once they’re calm, let them approach the guest.  You may want to solidify this training by giving them a small treat when they are calm and don’t jump on the person.

How to Stop a Dog from Jumping on PeopleBy the way, I like to take every opportunity I can to encourage dog owners to use a harness for their dog instead of a collar.  It’s far more effective to control the dog and makes it less dangerous and painful for the dog if you have to quickly pull the dog out of a bad situation.  Also, dogs pulling on a leash when they’re wearing a collar can lead to collapsed trachea later in life, which can be fatal.  I encourage you to check out harnesses on Amazon and get one for your dog.

Step 2:  Put them in time-out.  If your dog goes crazy when someone comes over, try putting them in a bedroom or laundry room for a few minutes until they calm down.  If you have a young dog or if your dog is really struggling to settle down, start with short time-outs and slowly extend the time-outs until the dog can be in the other room and calm himself before coming out to greet guests.

Step 3:  Create a sit-and-wait spot.  Pick a designated spot for your dog to sit.  When someone knocks on your door, command your dog to go there. Then give your dog the command to wait.  Be sure to reward your dog when they wait in the designated spot. A treatHow to Stop a Dog from Jumping on People reward is effective when you first start training your dog to do this.

When your guests come into the house, and only when the dog is waiting (at least somewhat) calmly, give the dog a “free” command to let them leave the waiting spot and greet your guest.  If they get excited and start jumping, return them to the waiting spot and repeat the process.

This steps takes some time and training.  But practicing this with your dog will eventually be effective – they’ll catch on!

Step #4:  Use a training gate.  If your dog isn’t ready to be left unattended when people come over, you might try putting up a gate.  You can purchase an inexpensive gate on Amazon.  This allows your dog to see people entering the house from a distance and keeps your dog from jumping on your guests.  Over time, your dog will get more accustomed to people coming over.  Using a gate can be combined with Step #3 to create the sit-and-wait spot.

Step #5:  Use a gentle deterrent.   Using a simple command like, “Get down” in a firm tone will help remind your dog that jumping on people is not acceptable.  But if a voice command isn’t enough, you might try a gentle deterrent such as shaking a can full of pennies or possibly using a spray bottle with water to counteract the behavior.  Whatever you use to get your dog’s attention should be kind and gentle.  Your dog should NEVER experience pain or discomfort as a consequence for naughty behavior.  That’s not only cruel, but ineffective, as it only causes your dog to fear you.

For More Information

For a more in-depth explanation of these steps, check out Doggy Dan’s tutorial:

How to Stop a Dog from Jumping on People

How to Stop a Dog from Jumping on PeopleThe Dog Calming Code

If you’d like extra help to control your dog’s behavior, I suggest checking out Doggy Dan’s training program, The Dog Calming Code.  It’s extremely effective for calming your dog down and getting them to obey you.  This program will help with everything from jumping to chewing to biting, to leash pulling and even for aggression.  You can read my review of The Dog Calming Code here.

How to Stop a Dog from Jumping on People

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