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People Loving Animals is a website devoted to the care, health and training of dogs and cats.  The site consists of hundreds of posts with helpful tips regarding:

Cat Care, Health and (Cat and Kitten) Training
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Pet Care and Pet Health

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I Donate to Animal Charities

pet suppliesIn many of the articles on this website, you’ll see links to various products and services for pets and their owners.  I earn a small commission if you purchase something from any of these links. This is how I make a living; this website is my full-time job. 

I donate 10% of my earnings from this website to the list of animal charities below. 

pet supplies

Charities I Donate Towe donate to animal charities

Humane Society of the United States Visit their website at www.humanesociety.org

PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Visit their website at www.peta.org.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Visit their website at www.aldf.org

SPCA Visit them at www.niagaraspca.org

Heart of Niagara Visit them at www.heartofniagara.org

North Shore Animal League Visit them at https://www.animalleague.org/

Hope Before Heaven
They collect money to help pay vet bills when a pet needs medical care and the pet’s owners can’t afford to pay for it. Visit them at www.hopebeforeheaven.com

ASPCA You can donate or become a monthly member by signing up HERE.

Alley Cat Rescue Visit their website here.

Last Chance for Animals Visit their website here.

people loving animalsTell Me About Your Favorite Animal Charity!

Email me at Debra@peoplelovinganimals.com  if you have a charity you’d like added to our list!  Please include the charity’s website address/link.

Please Share!

People Loving Animals is a group effort.  Your comments, suggestions and questions are encouraged!  Together we can learn more, and share more, about being the best pet parents we can be!

Please share the site with your family and friends who have a dog or a cat, and also on social media. Thank you!  Debra

animal charities

28 thoughts on “Welcome Pet Lovers!”

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    I lost my home in a forest fire last summer, this business is rebuilding my life at age 60. I want to make a difference in the lives of animals that need help. This is my way of doing this and supporting myself in the process. I hope we can work together.

    Best regards

    Robert Hudson

    1. Wow, your website is beautiful! Thank you for reaching out – I’ll apply for your affiliate program. May I also suggest that you might visit the training program where I got my training to be a full time affiliate marketer – they have tons of training (a lot of it free) on how to market your website, get traffic, etc. Here’s the link: https://workathomeonlineforfree.com/wealthyaffiliate. Thanks again for reaching out, and best of luck with this wonderful endeavor! Debra

  2. Hi. Before the cat I have now, I had a long-haired tabby for 14 years. So, yes, I suppose I’m a bit spoiled because he trusted me so much. The one I have now may have been a feral at one time (she’s a rescue) because she’s very skittish. She is two years old. She has learned to come up to me and sit on my lap, but she doesn’t seem to want to be petted. In fact, she will often bite (not too hard) and push me away with her hind legs. Is this a sign of aggression? I appreciate any help.

    1. Hi Diane! Thanks so much for reaching out. Your kitty could be not-so-lovey-dovey for a variety of reasons. You might get some help from my article, Cat Stress Relievers – 10 Things That Stress Your Cat Out. But for the most part, I’d say give her more time, be continuously kind and loving toward her, and hopefully she’ll learn to trust you more and more and hopefully warm up a bit. I’m glad she will sit on your lap – that’s a good sign! Here’s the link for the article. Debra

  3. Hi Debra, My name is Tamara. I located one of your videos about how to get a puppy to stop biting. Our puppy Lillian, is a very adorable little puppy. We are not sure exactly what breed she is but we know she has terrier characteristics. She is lovable, intelligent and very curious. She also loves to play and bites hard. We are working on that issue and taking your advice. What I need is some advice about her bowel movements. We got her at 4 weeks and she is about 7 weeks now. Since we have had her, she doesn’t seem to know what to do or how to push her poop out. I have been basically helping her to make sure she goes. I am very gentle and massage her anus area until she goes. But I would love to hear some advice on how to encourage her to go on her own. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Tamara, Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you can solve the biting issue. On the bowel movement issue, I think you should call your vet for advice. I don’t know why this would be happening…better safe than sorry…I think you should ask the vet in case she needs medical attention for this. Debra

  4. That is a very nice website and you share very nice information with us. I am a person who loves to read good content on the internet and like me, there are lots of people. So thank you so much for share this great information with us.

    1. Thank you so much, Mark. I appreciate the encouragement! I checked out your website – it’s beautiful. Looks like a great organization! Debra

  5. Hi!

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    1. Hi Robert! Thanks for reaching out. I just checked out your website and it looks great. Wonderful product! I just signed up to be an ambassador/affiliate.

      Yes, we could arrange for an ad on my website. Do you have something specific in mind? Ads on particular dog-food-related posts? Or sidebar banner ads? Pop ups? Please let me know what you’d like to have in place and your budget.

      Thank you!

  6. Hi Debra! I recently got a brand new orange tabby! (Male) he is a great cat and we love him. He is extremely cuddly and playful and has adjusted to our house remarkably! One thing- we have created a rule that kitty is not allowed on the counters, and yet he is obsessed with climbing up. He jumps up all the time and often gets up to no good. Even breaking china in the shelves. If we are cooking in the kitchen he will relentlessly meow and yell at us for about 20 minutes until he realizes he’s not getting on those counters. We have spray bottles and often have to spray hime when he jumps up! He doesn’t seem to care and ignores the spraying. Any tips?

    1. Hi Heidi! I love orange tabbies. They’re beautiful. First, be careful with the spraying because a cat can drown in literally a drop of water. If even a drop of water goes up their nose or gets inhaled, it can be very dangerous. I have a post (includes video) with super helpful tips on keeping cats off counters. I hope it helps! Debra Here’s the link:
      PS My 2-year-old cat, Whiskers, had a problem with getting on the counters when he was younger, but I kept the counters clear of any food or things he would find fun and eventually he just lost interest.

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