How to Get Ready for a New Puppy Checklist


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To see my full article and video about Getting Ready for a New Puppy, CLICK HERE.

To see my full article and video about How to Take Care of a Dog, CLICK HERE.  This covers the most important aspects of dog care.

How to Get Ready for a New Puppy

Puppy Proof the House

Look for sharp edges, things the puppy could chew, destroy, swallow, eat or choke on.  Make sure electrical cords are secure.  Secure heavy objects like bookshelves, TV’s, etc.  Puppies have been killed by heavy objects falling on them.

Secure Your Trash

Make sure your puppy won’t be able to get into the garbage.  You can get help by reading this article, How to Keep the Dog Out of the Garbage – Tips to Prevent the Mess and the Danger!

Educate Yourself About Food

Find out how to properly feed your puppy by reading this article, The Best Way to Feed a Puppy – Proper Puppy Nutrition.

Find out which foods are poisonous for dogs by reading this article, Foods That Are Poisonous for Dogs and Cats.

Buy Supplies

You’ll need food and water bowls, a pet bed, blanket…you can save on Pet Supplies by shopping on Amazon.

Get Toys

Your puppy will need puppy-safe toys, teething toys, and interactive toys.  Click the words to see a selection of these items on Amazon.

 Get Puppy Training Skills

Sign up for puppy training at Doggy Dan’s website,  You can see a sampling of Doggy Dan’s puppy training HERE.

Get Pet Health Insurance

You’ll save money if you get a policy while your puppy is young.  For more information, read this article, Is Pet Insurance Worth it for Dogs?

Buy a Crate and Get Crate Training Advice

Find out which type of crate to purchase and how to do crate training by reading this article, Crate Training Puppies (includes video).

Also, take advantage of this free, step-by-step crate training tutorial by Professional Dog Trainer, Doggy Dan. Click HERE to check it out.

Buy a Baby Gate

You’ll want to block off rooms or sections of your house where you won’t want your puppy to go, at least while he’s young.  You can see a selection of baby gates HERE.

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