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The dog training website, The Online Dog Trainer is run by professional dog trainer and behavioral specialist, Doggy Dan.  Throughout the site, Doggy Dan refers often to, Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules. These five rules form the foundation of his training methods. They are the underlying principles of how to control dog behavior.  I’m happy to provide a Doggy Dan review.  He’s my #1 recommended dog trainer! Affiliate Disclosure

Doggy Dan gives you a 3-day, $1 trial of his website so you can sign up, pay $1, and have three full days to watch as many of his training videos as you like, and get access to the 5 golden rules.  

Doggy Dan's 5 Golden Rules

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Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules

doggy dan's 5 golden rules

Once you establish Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules into your dog’s daily routine, you will have given your dog the message that YOU are the pack leader. Without the rules, you are giving them the message that THEY are. It’s that simple.

Applying the Five Golden Rules can totally transform your dog, and they are all very easy to put into place.  Four of them take virtually no time at all – in fact, they save you time.

And as is true with all of Doggy Dan’s training techniques, there is no force, fear or aggression used. With the five rules firmly in place, many of the issues you are facing will simply disappear.  Doggy Dan even gives you a PDF that you can print and put on your refrigerator which lists the 5 Golden Rules to become pack leader so you can have it as a daily reminder of how to get your dog to always see you as the pack leader.

Doggy Dan's 5 Golden Rules

dog behavior problemsHow Does This Control Dog Behavior?

Doggy Dan’s training methods are far more effective than those of other trainers because Doggy Dan teaches owners how to get to the root cause of the behavioral problem to solve it – and that is something that very few trainers do. 

When asked how his training methods differ from those of other trainers, Doggy Dan tells this story, which captures the essence of what he does:

“I received a phone call from a lady named Kelly who lived about an hour from me.  She had a little Bichon Frise named Terri who had been suffering from terrible itching for more than two years.  Kelly’s vet had tried everything he could think of as far as medication, but nothing worked.

He finally suggested that it could be a stress-related behavioral issue. Kelly contacted me and that’s how I found myself in her living room, talking to her and the family about Terri. As we spoke, Terri chewed and licked herself at regular intervals, and her little legs were brown and aggravated from years of incessant licking. She was a sorry sight.

My solution was simple. As is always the key, I treated the cause of the problem,how to control dog behavior which involved showing Terri that she was not in charge and that she could relax rather than sit there stressing and licking herself. That was it.

You see, dogs have a pack mentality, and Terri had assumed the very stressful role of being the pack leader. She had taken on the responsibility of looking after all her pups (human family members) and protecting the den (the house and property) and it had her terribly stressed out.

So, I taught the family five lessons, which I call the Five Golden Rules of Becoming the Pack Leader.  They were simply the principals that had to be put in place to give Terri the message that she no longer ruled the house.

Two weeks later I received an email from Kelly saying that the chewing and licking had stopped. I was very pleased (I always am when I hear that I have been able to help), but I was not surprised.  Over the years I have seen every single issue stopped by putting into place these Five Golden Rules.

They are the foundation of becoming the Pack Leader in your home that must be put into place before ANY training can begin. Without them you are wasting your energy, money and time.”

be pack leader to your dogAbout Being the Pack Leader

  • Being the pack leader is something that you need to be for your dog.  It allows them to relax and enjoy life.
  • Everyone in the house needs to be giving your dog the same message: the 5 Golden Rules.
  • The more you are the pack leader, the more your dog will watch you and respond to your behavior and follow your lead, making training easy.
  • Establishing yourself as the pack leader is the start to solving every problem and the basis for having the dog of your dreams.

The Online Dog Trainer

The Online Dog Trainer doggy dan's 5 golden rules has more than 250 detailed, step-by-step videos covering every issue of dog training, including The 5 Golden Rules of Being the Pack Leader.  Doggy Dan gives you a 3-day, $1 trial of his website where you can sign up, pay $1, then have three full days to watch as many of his training videos as you like.  You’re not obligated for anything more – so you have nothing to lose for trying it!  You can read my review HERE. 

Doggy Dan's 5 Golden Rules

How to Control Dog Behavior - Doggy Dan's 5 Golden RulesMy Recommendation to Control Your Dog’s Behavior

I personally have a big fat crush on Doggy Dan.  🙂  I’ve been a dog lover since I was a small child.  Dogs, in my opinion, have personalities, feelings, thoughts, spirits and souls.

I love them madly, and every time I watch one of Doggy Dan’s training videos, I see so clearly that he feels the exact same way about dogs.

I love that his training techniques never, ever use force of any kind.  His techniques are loving, kind, super effective and way easier than you’d ever think.  I believe in Doggy Dan (I have the 5 Golden Rules PDF on my fridge right now!), and I highly recommend his website.

Please comment below to let me know how you and your dog make out with Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules.

How to Control Dog Behavior - Doggy Dan's 5 Golden Rules

How to Control Dog Behavior - Doggy Dan's 5 Golden RulesI Donate to Animal Charities

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How to Control Dog Behavior - Doggy Dan's 5 Golden RulesFor More About Dog Training, CLICK HERE

4 thoughts on “How to Control Dog Behavior”

  1. This article makes a lot of sense.

    Years ago when we took our new pups for training, they told us that we had to establish ourselves as the leader of the pack very early on. At first I thought that this seemed cruel, but it worked like a dream.

    Both our dogs turned out to be extremely well behaved and respectful of us.

    1. I’m not sure what would be cruel about it, unless you were taught old-school techniques of being aggressive with your dog. That’s just not necessary. Doggy Dan explains how to become a pack leader in a gentle, effective way. Thanks so much for the comment! 🙂

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the review of Doggy Dan. I will have to check him out. I have an unruly beagle. We have tried formal dog training classes and he does ok with his training. Our dog is goof dog, but could use a bit more training. The training tips offered here sound good. I’ll try them and see if our dog responds well to them.

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