Top Dog Training Myths – Free Video

In this video, we’ll discuss 7 top dog training myths and what NOT to do when training a dog.  It’s amazing how many people think that if they are forceful enough with their dog, yell at them more, or even resort to hitting them or using shock collars, that the dog will behave.  These are not only the best examples of what NOT to do when training a dog, but it’s also just sad. All that happens when a dog is treated this way is that they fear their owner. There is no love in this approach, nor is it even effective. In fact, it’s not training at all.  There are easier and more loving ways to train a dog than resorting to cruelty, and we’ll talk about the RIGHT training methods in this video. Thanks for watching!  Debra

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Dog and Puppy Training

Professional Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist, Doggy Dan, has assisted over 37,000 people online using this program.  His program WORKS, even when everything else has failed.  His training method is simple, easy to put into place, and often takes just days to transform your dog or puppy.  Get the $1 trial and see for yourself!

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10 Tips When Caring for a Senior Dog

Older dogs have different care requirements as compared to their younger counterparts. But to most people, a dog will always be a puppy even after reaching canine years, or even after their fur turns gray.

But eventually, a time will come when you realize that your dog is panting harder even when taking short walks or is struggling to climb onto the bed or the sofa. At that time, you’ll need to adjust to the lifestyle requirements of a senior dog.

Below you’ll find tips that will help you take care of your senior dog appropriately. Read on to learn more.

1.  Watch Your Dog’s Diet

Senior dogs are less active, and therefore you should avoid feeding them a diet with large amounts of calories. This will help prevent your dog from gaining extra weight that could lead to many health problems. Talk to your vet so you can understand the right diet for your aging dog.

2.  Exercise Your Dog

Exercise is a great way to keep your senior dog lean and maintain a healthy body. Just like people, as dogs age, they are unable to perform certain physical activities as they used to do when they were young. But exercises remain an important aspect of their health and well being.

Therefore, you should involve your dog in certain physical exercises. But you should tailor the exercises to the individual needs of your dog.

If your dog has not been doing exercises for a long time, start slow as you increase the intensity gradually. It is also important to consult a veterinarian to understand the duration of exercise suited for your dog.

For more information, read this article, Exercising Elderly Dogs.

3.  Involve Your Senior Dog in Social Activities

As dogs age, they tend to be less active and some even disengage from social activities. Even if your dog is too weak to go to the dog park, he’s definitely missing his pet pals, and so you should plan for some play dates. Through this, your dog will socialize and enjoy being in a less-restricted environment.

It is also important to take your dog with you when going out for family outings, instead of leaving him alone just because he has slowed down. Create a comfortable space for your pet in the car, drive slow, and book nice a pet friendly hotel.

4.  Have a Vet Check Your Dog More Often

As dogs get older, their immune system also gets weak. It is therefore important to have your dog checked by a vet at least twice a year. Just like senior people need routine care from the doctors, pets will also benefit from these visits.

Your older pet will require additional blood tests, dental care, as well as other examinations. Besides, some breeds have predispositions towards certain health conditions such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer.  Frequent visits and early detection will help you discover these ailments before they become life threatening.

5.  Consider Dental Health

It is important to maintain the dental hygiene of your aging dog. Be sure to brush and clean your dog’s teeth to prevent dental diseases, decay, and chewing problems.

If it’s a challenge to brush and clean your dog’s teeth, you can opt for dental toys and dental treats instead.

6.  Watch Out for Any Behavioral Changes

Your dog can’t speak, but looking at his behavioral changes, you can know if he is ailing or not. While a senior dog is usually less active, paying attention to uncommon behavior can help detect problems early. Some dogs get excessively cranky when they are in pain or avoid interaction.

Signs such as decreased appetite, increased irritability or agitation, changes in urination, and increased water consumption could also mean that your dog is unwell.

7.  Keep Obesity at Bay

Overweight pets are at a higher risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even skin disease. You should ask your veterinarian about the nutritional requirements of a senior dog because overweight dogs need a special type of diet that provides the nutrients needed while allowing for weight loss.  

For instance, there are special diets with low calories and high L-carnitine content that can help in slow and steady weight loss.

8.  Provide Special Accommodation for Your Senior Dog

Just like puppies need customized boxes to sleep and stay warm,  you should also provide special accommodation for your aging dog.

If your dog is suffering from joint issues or hip dysplasia, install ramps that your dog can use to get to climb the bed or even the car. Also, ensure that food and water are kept in places where your pets can easily reach them, especially for those with vision impairments.

If you live in cold climates, consider providing your dog with heated beds, especially those with achy joints.

9.  Consider Regular Checks for Arthritis

The American Veterinary Medical Association shows that many pets suffer from arthritis. Therefore, you should have your dog checked for arthritis more often. If you notice signs such as decreased activity, difficulty climbing stairs, difficulty sitting or standing and seemingly stiff joints, you should contact your vet.

10.  Keep Your Dog Occupied with Toys

You can use toys to keep your old dog occupied. This will not only help keep your pets entertained but also help in weight loss. Toys that require chewing or promote activity will also stimulate the aging muscles and keep your dog healthier for longer.

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How to Train Your Dog to Come When Called – Free Video

In this video, I’ll share a few effective tips about how to get a dog to come when called, plus I’ll refer you to more advanced help from a professional dog trainer (for only $1!) if you’re having a serious problem with getting your dog to come.  Thanks for watching!  Debra

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How to Get Dog to Come When Called – It’s for His Own Safety!


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Basic Dog Training Techniques – How to Build a Bond With Your Dog – Free Video

Basic Dog Training Techniques

In this video, we’ll go over several dog training basics focused around how dogs learn.  We’ll talk about specific things you can do to build a bond with your dog, and I’ll also refer you to a Free Dog Training Basics Mini Course which will teach you even more basic dog training techniques as well as more advanced dog training advice.  Thanks for watching!  Debra 🙂

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What is a BarkBox? Free Video

In this video, I’ll tell you what BarkBox is, how to get it, what’s in it, and how much it costs.  I’ll also show you how to save money each month on the subscription.  I’ll also let you know about a similar subscription box for cats called, KitNipBox.  Thanks for watching! Debra 🙂




what is barkbox?What is BarkBox?

BarkBox is a monthly subscription you can purchase for your dog.   The dog receives a box each month containing two toys, a chew, and two packs of all-natural treats.  You can get a month-to-month subscription, a six-month subscription, or a 12-month subscription.

what is barkbox?

BarkBox Review

Watch the video above and let me take you on a tour of the BarkBox website, where I show you how the program works, what it includes, and how much it costs.  I’ll also show you how you can save a couple bucks a month on your subscription!  You’ll be able to see cute pics of dogs receiving their BarkBoxes.  It’s so cute I can barely stand it! LOL

BarkBox Makes a Perfect Dog Gift

If you would like to purchase a gift for your dog for their birthday or Christmas, either a one-time BarkBox or a monthly BarkBox subscription makes a great gift!  It’s also a unique dog gift for dog lovers.

what is barkbox?Do They Have BarkBox for Cats?

Yes!  It’s called, KitNipBox, and the subscription is $19.99 per month.

what is barkbox?

what is barkbox?I Donate 10% to Animal Charities

I’m so excited to feature BarkBox and KitNipBox on my website.  I donate 10% of the commissions I earn promoting these two super-fun programs to animal charities.  You can see a list of the animal charities I donate to HERE.  Thanks so much for visiting, and please share this with your friends who are dog or cat lovers!  Debra



Free Dog Leash Training Tips

free dog leash training tips

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for free dog leash training tips:

1.  Free video from called, “How to Stop a Dog from Pulling on a Leash.”

2.  Free video from Professional Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist, Doggy Dan, called, “Ultimate Guide to Leash Training.”

3.  Free video from Doggy Dan called, “Puppy Leash & Socialization Training.”

4.  Doggy Dan’s Step-by-Step Instructions to Stop Leash Pulling.

You will receive the first video immediately upon signing up, then one video per day in your email.  Check your spam if you don’t see the videos in your email.  Thank you!

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How to Get Your Dog to Stop Pulling on Leash – Free Video

In this video, I’ll give you specific tips and techniques for getting your dog to stop pulling on the leash.  I’ll also give you the link to an online dog training website where you can watch videos of a professional dog trainer working with dogs who are pulling on the lead.   Thanks for watching!  Debra 🙂

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Dog Leash Training

Training your dog to walk on a leash is more of a psychological issue, not a physical one.  The reason why your dog pulls on the leash is because he wants to be in charge (or he thinks he should be), and he’s trying to get you to follow him.  He’s trying to take the lead.  If you can reverse that thought process for your dog – if you can teach him to follow you instead of the other way around, you’ll accomplish getting your dog to walk nicely on a leash.

How to Stop Your Dog from Pulling on the Leash

The video above gives several tips you can use to stop your dog from pulling on the leash.  I hope you’ll find the video helpful.  I also recommend visiting the dog training website, The Online Dog Trainer, where you can see videos of professional dog trainer and behavioral specialist, Doggy Dan, actually working with dogs to train them how to walk on a leash.  It’s the best dog training available.

how to stop a dog from pulling on the leash

how to stop a dog from pulling on the leashI Hope this Has Helped!

Thanks so much for visiting my website.  Please feel free to comment below if you have questions, or if you have more tips to share on getting dogs to walk nicely on the lead.  Debra

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Dog Obedience Training – Free Video Course

In this video, I’ll tell you about a free video course on dog obedience training by professional dog trainer and behavior specialist, “Doggy Dan.”  This is a totally free dog obedience training course in a 4-part video series called, “The Easy Way to an Obedient Dog.” Save thousands of dollars and hours of training by taking this fast and easy dog training video course.  Thanks for watching!  Debra 🙂

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dog obedience training free video courseThe Easy Way to an Obedient Dog

I’ve been promoting Doggy Dan’s online dog training website, The Online Dog Trainer, on this website for several years now.  Doggy Dan is the real deal.  He has years of experience as both a professional dog trainer and a behavior specialist.  His website contains more than 300 step-by-step training videos on how to train your dog.  I honestly can’t think of a better way to learn dog training than to watch video after video of a professional dog trainer working directly with dogs and their owners.  It’s truly the best, most effective dog training there is!

What I Like About Doggy Dan

What I love most about Doggy Dan’s online dog training website is the fact that it doesn’t teach you “tricks” on how to train your dog.  His training methods get right to the core of dog training – and that’s learning how your dog thinks.  If you know why dogs do what they do, then you’re much better able to train them in a way that they can understand.  Your dog needs you to be in charge of him. He needs you to lead the way, be the boss, make all the decisions – so that he can relax and just enjoy his little doggie life, without the stress of feeling like he has to be in charge.  It’s called Pack Leader Training, and Doggy Dan does the most amazing job explaining and teaching this concept. He even gives you “Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules” for pack leader training that you can print and put on your fridge for the whole family to follow!

It’s Free to Try

Go ahead and do the free video training course.  It won’t cost you anything to try it.  Just check it out, and you’ll quickly see how Doggy Dan’s training methods can make training your dog super fast and easy.

free dog obedience video course

dog obedience training free video courseI Donate to Animal Charities

I donate 10% of all commissions I earn on this website to animal charities.  You can see a list of animal charities I donate to HERE.  If this website has been helpful to you, please consider sharing it with your friends who love their dogs.  Every visit to this website helps animals!  Thanks so much.  Debra

Dog Bite Safety for Children – Free Video

In this video, we’ll go over several tips for dog bite safety for children.  I’ll also be giving you several resources for more information from professionals about dog bite prevention and dog biting training in general.  Thank you for watching!  Debra

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Dog Bite Safety for Children – What You and Your Kids Need to Know

dog bite safety for childrenTo visit The Family Dog website, click here:


Dog Training Manual Free

Dog Bite Safety for Children

Keeping kids safe from dog bites is much easier if you have the right information.  In the video above, I talk about a dog training website called,  This website has a fantastic dog training program specifically made for children.  It uses fun songs, games, puzzles and quizzes to help children learn about dog bite safety, along with everything else having to do with dogs and dog training.  You can visit their website HERE.

Why Dogs Bite Children

You’ll learn more about this when you visit website, but in general, the most common reason a dog will bite is because the dog is in pain.  Dogs will also bite to protect their property, their home, or their owners/family.  They will bite if they feel threatened, and yes, they will bite if some bratty kid is torturing or teasing them.  Seriously…please make your kids behave when they are around dogs.  The dog, and the family who owns the dog, should not have to suffer because your child was allowed, by you, to abuse or mistreat their dog.

Dog Bite Prevention

Here are a few more articles that discuss dog bite prevention that will give you more tips and information:

Dog Training for the Kids – That’s Actually FUN!!

Dog Biting Training Tips – Education and Prevention

Dog Training for the Kids – That’s Actually FUN!!

dog bite safety for childrenThe Best Way to Prevent Dog Bites

The best way to prevent getting bitten by a dog, or to prevent your dog from biting someone, is to get the right training.  I strongly encourage you to watch the videos on my YouTube channel and on this website about this issue, and to read the articles I’ve provided here.  Dog biting is a serious issue, and has terrible consequences for people, children, and dogs.  And all (yes, ALL) dog bites are absolutely preventable.    I hope this information has helped you to become more knowledgeable about dog bite prevention.  Please comment below if you have questions, and thank you so much for visiting my website!  Debra