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Doggy Dan has just come out with his new video, “The Foundation of Your Dog Training,” which shows you the missing link in your dog training – being the pack leader.  Until you have applied the pack leader approach to your dog, you haven’t even really started dog training! Doggy Dan’s website has a full video course, “Become Dog Pack Leader – Online Pack Leader Dog Training Course.”  You can access it here.

doggy dan pack leader dog training

doggy danAre You Frustrated with Training Your Dog?

Do you get frustrated that all of your efforts to train your dog seem to fail?  Professional dog trainer, Doggy Dan, knows exactly where you’re coming from because he works with people just like you every day.  Part of his job as a dog trainer and behaviorist is to visit people in their homes and hear about how difficult they find it to train their dog, often spending months or even years and possibly hundreds of dollars on dog training classes – only to realize it’s just not working.

Your Dog’s Bad Behavior is Not Your Fault!be pack leader to your dog

But it really isn’t their fault.  You see, the real reason why their training never works is because they’ve never been shown the foundation to success in dog training, which is mastering leadership.

Now, if you’re reading this thinking, “I know, I know, I’ve got to be the pack leader, but nobody will ever show me how!” then relax – because today I’m delighted to share with you Doggy Dan’s dog training website, The Online Dog Trainer.  Inside this website is a course called, “Become the Pack Leader,” and the information contained in the course is the very same information Doggy Dan shares with people in their homes for hundreds of dollars!  In fact, the videos contained in the course are actual recordings of real consultations!

Become Dog Pack Leader - Online Pack Leader Dog Training CourseAbout Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan has helped tens of thousands of people stop unwanted dog behaviors, and then go on to develop an amazing bond with their dog that he knows is possible in every situation.  He teaches people that the missing part to solving dog behavior issues is not to do more training, but rather to establish clear leadership.

Becoming the pack leader is the key to stopping pulling on the leash, aggression, jumping up, excessive barking, separation anxiety…the list is endless.  Becoming the pack leader needs to be the foundation of your training because without it, your training is sitting on very thin ice.  And under pressure, ice breaks.

What Makes This Dog Pack Leader Course Different?

What makes this course different from so many other dog training programs out there is that Doggy Dan is going to SHOW you how to be a pack leader.  You’ll actually watch him working in live consultations – not setups with pre-trained dogs – and you’ll be able to hear exactly what he says and observe exactly what he does.  You’ll be able to see the amazing results for yourself.doggy dan pack leader dog training

Become Dog Pack Leader - Online Pack Leader Dog Training CourseHow Does Doggy Dan’s Dog Training Website Work?

Let’s quickly go through how the method works inside the membership site.  You will first get access to the Become the Pack Leader video course.  You’ll see how becoming the pack leader forms the foundation of your dog training, and you’ll be given the 5 Golden Rules for Becoming the Pack Leader.  You will be able to watch Doggy Dan implementing each of the rules with difficult dogs in different situations, and you’ll see how quickly the dogs respond.

Next, you’ll be provided with the tools and techniques that Doggy Dan uses every day to keep dogs calm and under control.  It’s simple but powerful stuff.

Then, Doggy Dan will provide you the training videos you need to solve your specific problem(s).  That’s right – he’ll go through the 34 most common dog and puppy behavior problems and each one is covered with videos of Doggy Dan working with dogs in real-life situations.

Become Dog Pack Leader

dog behavior problemsSome Common Dog Behavior Issues

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover:

  • Getting your dog to come when you call – EVERY time
  • How to deal with your dog’s aggression
  • How to stop six different types of barking
  • Why your dog has never seen you as pack leader

Reviews of The Online Dog Trainer

But don’t take my word for it!  Here’s what one recent customer had to say about this program:  “This program and Doggy Dan are awesome!  I’m just wishing I had found this sooner and not after 20 plus years as a pet parent.  I’ve been getting incorrect advice from dog professionals for years.  Thank you for finally opening my eyes to what is so obvious to my dogs. – LuAnn”  You can read more testimonials about Doggy Dan HERE.

dog training onlineThe Online Dog Trainer Pricing

Ok, so now you’re probably wondering how much everything that I’ve mentioned here is going to cost.  That’s a fair question!  Doggy Dan’s services as a professional dog trainer start at several hundred dollars per hour.  The reason he created this membership site in the first place is because he wanted EVERYONE to have access to an AFFORDABLE dog training solution.  He wants you to have access to this too, so he makes it simple.

Here’s the deal:  Right now you can grab access to The Online Dog Trainer membership site which includes the Become the Pack Leader video course and all his tools and techniques videos, and all the training videos in the training library for the 34 biggest dog and puppy problems – FOR JUST ONE DOLLAR.  Doggy Dan will give you 3 days to check the site out to it’s a three-day trial for one dollar.  And if you don’t like the site, or the videos, or him, you can cancel during those three days and that’s it!

However, if you love the site and you choose to stay on, then it’s $37 per month and yes, you can cancel anytime! You can also get a 6-month membership or a 12-month membership which are even cheaper. And if you choose to stay on after the three-day trial, you’ll also get personal answers to your individual questions from either Doggy Dan or his expert training team.

Now if you don’t have a dollar to spend with your dog, then this is clearly not for you.  This is for people who actually want to improve their dog’s life as well as their behavior.  It’s for people who want to put a stop to all those dog problems once and for all, and they want to develop that amazing relationship that you still dream of with your dog. So if you’re interested, just click the button below.

online dog trainer

Money Back Guarantee!

And of course, this all comes with Doggy Dan’s personal 100%, rock-solid 60-day Money Back Guarantee.  So if you don’t love the program for any reason, then just shoot him an email and he’ll quickly refund your money.

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