Be Pack Leader to Your Dog

Learning to be pack leader to your dog is by far the most effective way to get control of your dog and to convince your dog that you are the one in charge. Think of the pack leader as the decision maker – the one who decides where to go on the walk, how to behave in different situations – basically the one the dog turns to for guidance on how to respond and how to act.

When you understand how dog packs work, you soon realize the importance of it. Your dog needs the pack leader to make all the decisions. If you leave it up to your dog, then there’s a big chance that your dog is going to get things wrong and make mistakes.

In order to understand how to become the pack leader, you must first recognize that the following things mean absolutely nothing to your dog:

What car you drive

The size of your house

The money you earn

The fact that you speak several languages…

Your dog would happily swap all of that for a nice snack!

Be Pack Leader To Your Dog

Be Pack Leader To Your Dog - How to Get Control of Your DogDominating Your Dog is Not the Way to Become the Pack Leader

In fact, this can backfire badly if you teach your dog that physical strength is what will prevail. While you may be able to force your dog into submission, it will not be convincing your dog that you are worthy of the dominant position, or that you should be the pack leader. Rather, all it shows the dog is that you are a bit of a bully.

be pack leader to your dogSo How Do You Become the Pack Leader?

All dogs, regardless of breed, use the same instincts to establish the pack leader. The best way to learn about how to put it into practice is to watch it being done on video. You can see this at The Online Dog Trainer – I’ll tell you more about it in this article!

As pack leader, you should be able to accomplish the following

  • You should be in total, calm control when your dog barks and alerts you to danger. This includes anything that your dog may perceive as dangerous and barks at in and around the property.
  • On walks, your dog should not pull you.
  • With you as the pack leader, your dog should be able to relax and switch off completely inside the house.
  • Lastly, feeding your dog correctly will establish who is the pack leader.

Be Pack Leader To Your Dog - How to Get Control of Your DogFor More Help

There is one site that shows you – using video – exactly how to become the pack leader and how crucial it is to changing any behavioral issue. They have a $1 3-day trial!

If you want to understand more about this topic or see more step-by-step dog training videos, go to

The Online Dog Trainer

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