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I’m so sorry that your pet needs medication.  I mean it.  I wish so much that our sweet darlings never had anything wrong with them and never needed medication.  But, just like humans, our babies need a little help from the pharmacy sometimes.  So I’ve done my best to find the best place to purchase pet medications based on quality, price, and service, and is it! You’ll be glad you found this review of VetApprovedRX. Affiliate Disclosure

VetApprovedRX Reviewvet approved rx review

My Rating:  A+
My Favorite Feature: My customer service representative, Cheryl!
Price: The lowest price on absolutely every medication
Shipping: FAST and free for orders of $49 or more
Customer Service: Above and Beyond!
FDA and EPA Approved
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
A+ BBB Rating

Why I Use VetApprovedRX

The reason I initially started ordering through was because whenever I did a search online for the best price on pet medications for my dachshund, Taz, I continuously found myself at because they always ended up having the best price.

Then once I placed my first order,  I realized they have super fast (and I mean FAST) shipping. That’s important because sometimes I forget, and I’m ordering Taz’s medications at the last minute.

indoor cat vaccinationsBest Place to Buy Pet Medications Online

Later, I gained yet another reason to always order Taz’s medications from this company, and that’s CUSTOMER SERVICE. As you may know, whenever you buy pet medications online, your vet either has to provide a prescription or else approve the order. This is not a problem since will contact your vet for you if you give them the vet’s contact information.

Vet’s offices are used to this.  They receive a fax from the online pharmacy asking them to approve the prescription by signing the request and faxing it back.

I’ve ordered many, many times, but then all of a sudden there was a problem because my vet’s office failed to approve my order. Cheryl from contacted me by email and told me there was a problem. I called the vet’s office and was told what the problem was…they lost Taz’s prescription!

I provided them with the record of Taz’s prescription (honestly – should I really have to do their job? grrr) – PLUS also provided the vet with a copy of the last order which was approved by their office.

pet medications

I couldn’t have been more impressed with the fact that went to all this trouble to get vet approval for my order!  THEN, Cheryl called me personally to ask if I’d like priority shipping since there had been a delay! They offered me several shipping options to make sure Taz didn’t miss a dose of any of her medications.

Honestly, I can’t tell you how blown away I am by this level of customer service.

Excellent Customer Service

Cheryl has stuck with me.  Whenever I email with a question, it’s Cheryl who responds, and if they ever need any information, it’s always Cheryl who calls me. I like this because it’s easy when someone knows your pet’s history – easier than explaining things again and again to a new person every time, you know? will remain my favorite place to buy pet medications online.

Pet Medications Available at VetApprovedRX has medications for dogs, cats and horses.  You can search for medications by name, or by use, such as allergy relief, antibiotics, thyroid, etc.  And you can also search for medications by symptoms such as nausea, anxiety, bad breath…it makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for!  They have all the top brands, and even holistic and natural pet products as well. And you can sign up for their newsletter to receive coupons and special offers.

peoplelovinganimals.comMy Recommendation

Best price, super fast shipping, outstanding customer service, and brand-name, high-quality products.  Need I say more? Check them out HERE.

I’d love it if you’d come back to this review and comment about your experience with them.  Debra

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I highly recommend getting pet health insurance to help cover medical expenses for your pet.  My #1 recommendation is Healthy Paws.  You can read my full review here.

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5 thoughts on “VetApprovedRX Review”

  1. I have always marveled at how much effort it takes to have a pet around – and I raise my glass to those who take care of pets. So I guess this site goes a long way in helping you maintain the health of your pet by showing you where to buy pet medications should you need them.

  2. Hi Debra,
    There it is, a successful customer service story! How often is it that we find it the other way around when it comes to customer service? It’s always nice to know that when things don’t happen exactly as expected, that there are people at hand that can turn it around and avoid a nightmare.
    People don’t consider this with pets or pet products, of course until there’s a health problem. Great site and info, and if the occasion arises, I’ll be back to hook up with vetapprovedrx.

  3. Debra thank you for having such a great website. The layout is easy to follow and packed with so much information. I lost a pet a few months ago and still grieve. Our pets become our family member that has given us unconditional love. So of course that’s pretty tough to let go of. One thing for sure is that the separation is temporary.
    I love the vet approved concept. In fact, I’m going to start using them. My veterinarian is really good about getting the medication my animals need at a rapid speed. However – knowing I don’t have to leave the house is huge with me. So…the home delivery is right up m alley. Thanks again!

    1. And they have great customer service too – and super fast shipping – and everything is CHEAPER than at the vet’s office! I’m glad you found this. Thanks for the comments! And I’m so sorry about your pet.

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