Best Value on Pet Supplies

Pets Warehouse started in 1974 with breeding birds (yep!) Today they are one of the industry’s top pet retailers, offering the best value on best supplies. Their website has been ranked #2 by Yahoo Internet Life magazine and as the third most visited site by NPD Group, a leading global market search company. They don’t just carry dog and cat supplies, they also carry a large range of supplies for birds, fish, reptiles and small animals like rabbits and gerbils. Affiliate Disclosure


Best Value on Pet SuppliesBest Value on Pet Supplies

The success of Pets Warehouse has been possible due to one simple principle:  taking care of every customer and making them number one.  Their top priority has always been to provide excellent customer care.  My favorite feature of this website is outstanding customer service.

I’m so impressed by the success of this company, the enormous volume of pet supplies they carry, and that they provide such amazing prices, fast shipping and excellent customer service that I wonder how in the heck didn’t I know about them before?  I’ve been a pet owner for more than 30 years and I’ve been shopping online for at least 15 years.  I’m shocked I didn’t know about these guys sooner!  Oh well…better late than never!

They Know Their Stuff!best value on pet supplies

Pets Warehouse has the most knowledgeable, experienced staff in the industry.  When you call, you talk to people who can help you decide exactly which product you need.  Don’t you agree that good customer service is becoming a thing of the past?  More and more lately, I’m coming across companies that just don’t care whether the customer is satisfied.  It’s beyond refreshing that Pets Warehouse actually has real people who are willing to actually help!

Their Website Makes Shopping Convenient

Their website is super user friendly.  It’s broken down into categories, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.  You can also search for a particular product using their search box.  And if you can’t find something you need, their phone number and email address are right there – and guess what, they actually pick up the phone when you call (a real person) and they actually respond to emails!

You also have the option of signing up to have an account when you order (which makes it super easy to go back to reorder items), or you can order as a guest and not have an account.  I like that we have a choice.

Best Value on Pet SuppliesAbsolutely EVERYTHING You Need for Your Pet

The Pets Warehouse website is broken down into categories, and under each category, you’ll find absolutely everything you could possibly need for your pet.  For example, under the Cat category, you’ll find:

Odor Removers
Training Aids

Under the Dog category, you’ll find:

Life Jackets
Puppy Section

They also carry the same large range of supplies for birds, fish, reptiles and small animals like rabbits and gerbils.

checklist for a new puppyInteract With Other Pet Owners

The website has forums where you can interact with other pet owners.  They have forums for owners of cats, dogs, tropical fish, birds, reptiles and small animals.  It’s a great place to make friends and share information with other pet owners.

The discussions contained in the forums in which you can participate cover everything from health, diet, grooming, training, behavior, to whether your pet’s body temperature is normal!  (that’s currently a discussion in the cat lovers forum…LOL)  It’s a great resource for help and information about your pet.

checklist for a new puppyIt’s Easy to Contact Customer Service

If you have any questions at all, it’s easy to contact customer service by calling, using the “Contact” page on their website, or by emailing  This is important to me, because I’m shocked at the number of websites I visit where you actually can’t find the contact information!  Some websites don’t offer a phone number, an address, or even an email.  How do they get away with that?

Sign Up for Their Newsletter

You can submit your email (secure – your email won’t be shared!) to subscribe to their newsletter to get all of the latest information on products, supplies and pet care.  It’s free, and of course you can cancel it at anytime if you find you’re not interested (or if you just get way too many emails like me and have to say no to stuff sometimes!)

DebraMy Final Recommendation

I was shocked when I first visited because of the sheer VOLUME of products they carry.  To be honest, I always shopped for pet supplies on Amazon.  But shopping at is easier because everything is right there.  On Amazon, you have to search each item separately, whereas on, it’s all available in one section.  It’s way faster and easier. And more often than not, the prices end up being the same or less than on Amazon.

Let Me Know What You Think!

If you decide to visit and place an order, please come back and comment below to let everyone know if ordering was easy enough, if shipping was cheap and fast enough, if the product received was as expected, and give us an overall idea of your level of satisfaction.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Best Value on Pet SuppliesI Donate to Animal Charities

Thank you for visiting my website.  I donate 10% of my earnings from this website to animal charities.  You can see a list of the charities I donate to here.  If you like this website, please share it with your friends and family members who have pets.  Thank you!  Debra

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  1. This is a great review. We have a cat and he loves the supplies we buy him from Pets Warehouse.

    He really enjoys the treats they have on offer and he is a big fan of the catnip filled toys. He can spend hours playing with these.

    Do you have any suggestions for electronic toys for cats?

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