Bringing Home a New Pet

Bringing home a new pet is super exciting, but it can also be a bit nervewracking when you consider all of the responsibilities of pet ownership.  In this post, we’ll discuss how to welcome a new pet into your home in a way that’s comfortable for your pet, for you, for your family, and for other pets in your home.  I’ll be providing a ton of information and resources on all apsects of pet care, so don’t worry!  I’ve got you…

In this post, we’ll discuss:

  • Preparing for a New Pet
  • Bonding and Building Trust
  • Your Pet’s Health and Well-Being
  • If You Have Children and Other Pets
  • How to Take Care of Your Pet
  • Pet Training Affiliate Disclosure

bringing home a new petPreparing for a New Pet

It’s important to take steps to prepare for your new pet before you bring them home.  You’ll need to create a welcoming and safe environment for the pet, considering their specific needs.  A few basic tips:

1.  Pet proof your home

2.  Set up a designated area for their food, their bed, and where you want them to go potty

3.  Have essential supplies

You’ll want to do your best to make your pet feel comfortable, safe and happy in their new home.  For tons of help on preparing for your new pet, read these posts.  Each includes a video!

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New Pet Essentials

bonding with a new petBuilding a Bond With Your New Pet

When your pet first arrives, building trust is crucial.  Spending time with your pet and offering gentle reassurance is the best way for them to begin to trust you.  Be patient and allow them to adjust at their own pace. A few tips:

1.  Set a routine.  Just like children, pets feel less fearful if they have a set routine and know what to expect.

2.  Be consistent with activities like feeding, potty, playtime and bedtime.

3.  Don’t rush your pet or expect too much at once.  Acclimating to a new environment takes time!

For more help with understanding and bonding with your new pet, read these posts:

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lemonade cat insuranceYour New Pet’s Health and Well-Being

Schedule an appointment with a veterinarian for a thorough check-up and vaccinations.  Be prepared for the appointment with a list of questions, so you’re making the right decisions for your new pet right from the start.  A few topics you might discuss with the vet are feeding recommendations, exercise requirements, grooming schedules and any other needs of the pet’s species and breed.

For more help regarding your pet’s health, check out these resources:

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pet health insurance

bringing home a new pet when you have kidsIf You Have Children or Other Pets

Bringing home a new pet affects everyone in the household.  For help with making this a smooth transition for everyone, read these posts:

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How to Take Care of Your Pet

Here are two helpful posts that discuss every aspect of pet care with tons of additional resources.  Read the post, or watch my video!

How to Take Care of a Dog

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dog training onlinePet Training Recommendations

Successful pet training is essential for you and your new pet to live happily ever after!  Here are my top recommendations for easy-to-follow and effective pet training:

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Potty Training Made Easy (Free Professional Video Series)

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how to keep a cat indoorsGetting a New Pet is Always Worth It

I’ve had several pets in my life and each and every one of them has brought me tremendous amounts of love and joy. My newest is Whiskers, a male cat who was feral, rescued by a local pet rescue organization.  That’s him in the pic. He’s one of the most affectionate cats I’ve ever owned.  Seriously, he’s a lover boy!

Bringing home a new pet marks the beginning of a years-long friendship with a loving and loyal companion.  From the careful preparation, building trust, creating a routine and commiting to the health, happiness and well-being of your pet, you’ll be investing in a relationship that will enrich your life for years to come.

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