PetPlan Pet Insurance Review

Why Petplan?

I’ve researched this one and there are actually a lot of reasons to choose this company if you’re looking for pet insurance, the biggest being that they are the world’s largest pet insurance provider!  And that’s not the only thing – you’ll see lots more great stuff about this company in this PetPlan Pet Insurance Review. Affiliate Disclosure

Company’s Website:

Cost: Policies start at $10 per month.  Monthly premiums differ based on whether you have a dog or a cat, the breed, age, and which policy/coverage you choose.  Getting a quote is super fast and easy.

Thing I Like Most: That once you insure one pet, you get a 10% discount on any additional pets you insure in the future.

My Rating: A+

Best Pet Health Insurance Review What Sets Petplan Apart

Some of their competitors have breed and/or age restrictions. Petplan does not. In addition, Petplan offers a “Covered for Life” guarantee for any condition that was not pre-existing to the policy.

Petplan covers all conditions – including hereditary/genetic up to 100% after deductible and up to the annual coverage limits (based on the plan selected by the customer).

Pet plan covers holistic and alternative therapies when recommended by a veterinarian.  Many of their competitors do not. This is becoming more important to some customers, especially those in California or other locations where this practice is the ‘norm’.

They reimburse based on actual veterinary invoices and not on a predefined benefit schedule.  This is big – customers get paid the same percent whether they live in an inexpensive rural area or an expensive metropolis.

They have a loyal customer following and a high retention rate year after year.

Petplan policies are underwritten by Allianz, an A+ rated and the world’s largest property and casualty insurance company.

petplan health insurance reviewWhat Petplan Covers

As pet owners, we always want to do whatever we can to help our pets stay healthy well into old age. The great news is that these days, our vets have a lot more options for diagnosing, treating and, in many cases, curing the health conditions which used to have dire consequences for our pets. But with that increased level of care comes increased veterinary costs. Petplan can help!

Petplan pet insurance offers life-long coverage for all hereditary and chronic conditions – including cancer, diagnostic testing, prescription medications, non-routine dental treatment, MRI, CAT Scan and ultrasound imaging.

is pet insurance worth it for dogs

Free Subscription to “Fetch!” Magazine.

When you sign up for PetPlan, you get a free subscription to Fetch! , their quarterly pet health magazine. PetPlan’s team of veterinary experts write exclusive features and health tips for pet owners.

indoor cat vaccinationsSigning Up Is Easy

Just go to their website HERE and fill out your pet’s name, age and breed.  It’s that easy!  You will receive a quote immediately.

Is Pet Health Insurance Worth It?

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6 thoughts on “PetPlan Pet Insurance Review”

  1. I love it! I have 7 dogs and 2 cats.. I was starting to wonder why I should get petplan, then you listed the benefits! Are they accepted by every vet or major vets? I live in a small town and my dog gets staph sometimes which is an easy $400 bill!

    1. I believe most vet offices accept most pet insurances. But you may want to give your vet’s office a quick call just to make sure. Vet bills are enough to drive us to bankruptcy! Ugh! Thanks so much for the comment, and please let me know if you get Petplan and how you like it!

  2. How I wish I can introduce it here in the Philippines.

    Pet owners here are dying to get an insurance for their pets bbutnone exist here.

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