How to Care for a Cat

Owning a cat is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.  Cats provide so much love, affection, companionship, emotional support and entertainment!  I’m glad you’re taking the time to learn how to take care of a cat.  They’re totally worth the effort!  In this video, we’ll talk about cat health, feeding, grooming, training, litter box training, exercise, scratching, flea and tick protection, identification, indoor vs outdoor, leaving your cat home alone, and supplies.  Thanks for watching! Debra

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Free Spay and Neuter Clinics:

Health Insurance for Pets:

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance (my #1 Recommendation)

Indoor Cat Health:

What is the Best Food for a Cat?

Printable List of Foods That Are Poisonous for Dogs and Cats:

Pretty Litter:

How to Get a Cat to Use the Litter Box:

How to Stop a Cat from Urinating in the House:


How to Keep Indoor Cats Happy:

How to Cut a Cat’s Nails at Home:

How to Stop a Cat from Scratching Furniture:

How to Get Rid of Fleas:

Jackson Galaxy’s Video Indoor vs Outdoor:

Leaving Your Cat or Kitten Home Alone:

How to Find a Good Cat Sitter:

Printable List of Cat Supplies:

Complete Cat Training Guide:

My Full Review of the Complete Cat Training Guide:

Cat Toys:

Interactive Cat Toys:

Feather Toys:

Laser light Toys:

Advantage Flea Control:

Safety Collar:

ID Tag:

Canned Cat Food:

Cry Cat Food:

Kitten Food:

Food and Water Bowls:

Cat Brush:

Scratching Post:

Litter Box:

Kitty Litter:

Pretty Litter:

Cat Carrier:

Cat Bed:

Cat Blanket:

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