What is Dog Aggression?

Dog aggression is a term used to describe a range of threatening behaviors that can occur for a various reasons in dogs.  Aggressive dog behaviors can be things like growling, barking, lunging, snapping, or biting.

Understanding why your dog is behaving aggressively is key to solving it.

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What is Dog Aggression?

Watch this video of Professional Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist, Doggy Dan, explaining why dogs are aggressive and how to stop it. You’ll be surprised to hear what goes on in a dog’s brain when they’re being aggressive!

doggy danWho is Doggy Dan?

Doggy Dan is the owner of the dog training website, The Online Dog Trainer.  He has been my #1 recommendation for dog training for more than 8 years.  His training to stop dog aggression is particularly effective and easy to follow.  It’s the help you need if your dog’s aggression is out of control!

what is dog aggression?What Causes Dog Aggression?

Some common causes for dog aggression include:

1.  Fear: Dogs may become aggressive when they are threatened or scared. This is a defensive behavior to protect themselves from what they perceive as danger.

2.  Territory: Dogs sometimes act aggressively if they feel their territory is being threatened.  This can be their home, yard, or a familiar environment.

3.  They’re in Pain: Dogs who are in pain due to injury or illness may react aggressively if touched or approached.

4.  Possessions: Resource guarding is a form of aggression where a dog protects their possessions such as food, toys, or other valued items.

5.  Protectiveness: Some dogs show aggression when they feel they need to protect their family members, even other household pets.

6.  Showing dominance:  This is most common in multi-dog households.

7.  Predatory Aggression: This type of aggressive behavior is directed towards animals that a dog sees as prey.

Controlling Dog Aggression

Controlling dog aggression may require professional help from a veterinarian, a veterinary behaviorist, or a certified dog trainer. It is important to correct dog aggression early to prevent escalation and ensure the safety of both the dog and those around them.

dog training for aggressive dogsThe Dog Calming Code

Doggy Dan has created a dog training program called, The Dog Calming Code, which is particularly effective for solving dog aggression problems.

  • What Makes The Dog Calming Code a Such a Successful Dog Training Program?
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You can get the answers to all of these questions by checking this out on Doggy Dan’s website, or read my complete review of The Dog Calming Code here.

the dog calming code

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