Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package Review

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package Review

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package from the dog training experts at Kingdom of Pets contains everything you need, not only to solve dog behavior problems, but also to help you manage the health needs for your dog, house training, and so much more.  It’s a comprehensive package, full of professional advice and instructions from their top veterinarians and animal behavior specialists.

I have to say I was quite shocked when I saw everything that’s included in this dog training program.

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package Review

How to Be a Good Dog Owner

There are three key areas that you need to focus on when you get a dog or puppy:

  1. Obedience Training, to make sure your dog obeys and behaves well.
  2. House Training, to get your dog to go potty in the right places.
  3. General Health, including exercise, diet and overall well being.

If you can manage these three areas effectively, then not only are you a good dog owner, but you’ll have a happy, healthy and well-behaved dog.

This fantastic dog training program includes a full, step-by-step training guide for each of these three areas (plus a lot more…keep reading!)

The #1 Selling Dog Training Book on the Internet: Secrets to Dog Training – Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems.  This eBook includes everything you need to know about dog obedience training. You’ll be an expert on handling these dog behavior problems: Aggression, Digging, Bolting out the Door, Separation Anxiety, Barking, Coprophagia (eating poop!), whining, housetraining, jumping, chewing, and much more.

You’ll also learn how to teach your dog several commands like Come, Stay, Heel, Beg, Fetch, Shake, Roll Over – that’s the fun stuff. LOL

Bonus!  Not only do you get the Secrets to Dog Training eBook, but you also get an audio version!  This is a fully downloadable audio version of the eBook that you can listen to anywhere, whenever you want.

The Ultimate Housetraining Guide.   This eBook is an awesome resource for making sure your dog’s potty training experience is problem free from day one.  You’ll learn how to keep your dog from peeing and pooping in the house with house training strategies like confinement (which doesn’t mean what you think it does), positive reinforcement training, and which dog potty training products are a waste of your money. 

You’ll also find out why the most common reaction to dog toilet training accidents is the worst thing you can do!

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.  They say that prevention is the best medicine.  So why not learn about how to keep your dog healthy right from the start?  You also want to make sure you’re knowledgeable about common dog illnesses, symptoms, when to call the vet…there’s no reason to be unsure about these things. 

The eBook covers things like stomach problems, vomiting, diarrhea, spaying/neutering, coughing, worming…it also contains comprehensive symptom charts, instructions about medications, a guide to canine diseases and vaccinations, information about dog allergies, cancer and more.  Seriously, in my opinion, having this complete, comprehensive guide to your dog’s health is a guide you’ll likely refer to countless times during your dog’s life (and your dog will be healthier for it!).

Online Dog Training Videos Included!dog training review

As part of this package, you’ll also receive these dog training videos:

Pulling on the leash
Food bowl aggression
Alpha Dog Training
and More!

These videos provide step-by-step, professional training on how to deal with these dog behavior issues.

Plus 8 More Dog Training Guides are Included!

Meals for Your Dog: 175 Gourmet Recipes
The Ultimate Guide to Dog First Aid
Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog
101 Ways to Spoil Your Dog for Under $10
Dog Grooming Made Easy
The Quick Guide to Dog Aggression
Top 20 Consultations
Tips on How to Security Train Your Dog

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package Review

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package ReviewShocking, Right?

Like I said, I was shocked when I realized how much is included in this dog training course.

How Much Does it Cost?


Yep, you read that right.  For less than $100, you get this complete package covering everything you’ll ever need to know about training your dog, keeping your dog healthy, ways to make your dog happy, how to teach fun commands, how to house train your dog the fast, easy way, information about health issues, solutions to common dog behavior problems…it really is amazing how much this program contains.

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package ReviewMoney Back Guarantee

This program offers a 60 day money back guarantee.  So if you’re not satisfied for any reason, they’ll refund your money with no questions asked.

Instant Download

Once you complete your purchase, all of these recourses are instantly downloadable.  So you can start this right away! Please note: Once you have ordered you do not have to download everything right away. You’ll be given a password to use in the members area any time – as many times as you like.

people loving animalsMy Final Recommendation

I feel like every dog owner should have this knowledge – not only for their current dog, but for any dogs or puppies they have for their entire life!  Imagine what a gift it is to be able to learn all of this, then be able to pass the knowledge down to your children.  Seriously…we’re talking about creating generations of good dog owners, and decades worth of happy, healthy, obedient dogs!

As the owner of, I admit I’m getting a little emotional just typing this (don’t laugh!).  My website is all about helping animals, and it makes me so happy to realize how much better every dog’s life could be if every dog owner knew these things.  Ugh…c’mon, Debra, get it together…LOL  Thanks so much for visiting.  Please feel free to comment below with questions. Debra

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package Review

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package ReviewI Donate to Animal Charities

Thank you for visiting my website.  I donate 10% of all commissions I earn on this website to animal charities.  You can see a list of the charities I donate to on the here. If you like this website, please share it with your friends – every purchase helps animals!

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