Stop Puppies Mouthing, Biting, Nipping

Puppy Biting Podcast

Puppy Biting Podcast

Have you ever wondered what the simplest and easiest way to stop puppies mouthing and biting is?

Let’s face it, this is not something that you want to continue any longer than necessary. Being bitten by man’s best friend is no fun at all and those sharp teeth can really hurt!

Well, I’ve just secured a fantastic new audio from one of the world’s leading dog trainers, Doggy Dan, who explains the three most important steps to put in place to stop it as quickly as possible. He also includes a bunch more fantastic tips…

The cool thing with his approach is that there’s no need for shouting or smacking your puppy which can often make matters worse! Have you noticed that the more you shout the more excited they become and the more they bite?

At the end of the audio you’ll find out where you can find the very best dog and puppy training material on the internet that will save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars – click above to go to the training!

For more information on how to get puppies to quit biting, read my article, How to Stop My Puppy from Biting – The Biggest Mistake You’re Making!

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