Remove Pet Stains from Carpet

If there is one smell that is harder to get out than any other, it’s the smell of cat urine.  Dog urine comes in at a close second!

People have been searching for information on how to remove pet urine stains from carpet likely since the beginning of time.  No matter how hard you try, it seems like using products like Resolve only makes it worse.  I had a friend once whose dog kept peeing on the rugs.  She’d shampoo the carpets with Resolve, and instead of it removing the urine smell, it just ended up smelling like Resolve-and-Urine!  Worse!

What’s the Solution?

Perhaps you’ve gone out and spent money on products like Resolve only to be disappointed.  There are several products available on the market today for removing dog and cat urine from carpet.  But are any of them worth the money?

This One Is

The best way to remove dog and cat urine from carpet is by using a product called, Nature’s Miracle.  It is guaranteed to remove urine stains and odors from carpet. It even works well on old stains!  It truly is the best urine stain remover. And it’s not expensive!

How Does it Work?

Nature’s Miracle is considered an “enzymatic cleaner.”  That means it breaks down the compounds in urine that cause the smell.

gifts for petsIt’s Best to Get to the Stain as Soon as Possible

I can’t express enough the importance of removing pet urine from carpet as soon as possible.  Not only is the offensive smell in your house, but it’s also an invitation to your pet that this is an acceptable place to pee! The sooner you clean any areas where your pet has been peeing, the sooner you can get him back to using the litter box or only peeing outside.


Please Noteremove pet stains from carpet

You should know that when you first apply this to your carpet, the smell will get worse than before you sprayed it.  That is because the product’s enzymes are breaking down the compounds in the urine.  Once the product has dried, all traces of the urine smell will be gone.

How Do I Find the Pee Spots?

The best way to find the urine-soaked areas is to use a black light. When you find a pee spot, you can mark the area with some painter’s tape so you’ll know where to spray.

Preventing it From Happening Again

Your next job is to identify why your dog or cat is peeing in the house instead of outside or in the litter box.

Help with Dogs and Puppies

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how to help an aging catHelp with Cats

For help getting your cat to pee in the litter box, read my article, How to Get Your Cat to Use the Litter Box.  Also helpful, How to Stop Your Cat from Peeing on the Carpet.

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2 thoughts on “Remove Pet Stains from Carpet”

  1. I can completely relate to this one as my old cat who died last year got a little incontinent in her last year (she was almost 20). I had tried a few of the off the shelf sprays but found most were heavily perfumed and just masked the smell – which would then come back.
    I actually used almost the same recipe that you have here but I only used a small amount of the peroxide and instead I substituted white vinegar – it works very well

    1. I had a cat who lived to be 20 as well! Boy, that was a hard one when she passed. She had been with me “since childhood!” I’m so sorry for your loss. By the way, if someone doesn’t want to mix something up in their kitchen like this article suggests, they could read this article, Best Way to Remove Cat Urine from Carpet. Thank you for your comment! Debra

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