Best Pet Foods Ranked – Best and Worst Foods for Your Pet

If you’ve ever had a dachshund, you know they are PIGS. Honestly. My little Taz will eat almost anything, and no matter how much we feed her, she acts like she’s starving. And I don’t mean she acts “hungry.”  I mean she acts like she may perish at any moment if she doesn’t get something to eat immediately. It’s ridiculous. BUT, obviously I have to manage her food intake otherwise she’d be so fat she wouldn’t be able to walk! So it’s a constant battle – keeping Tazzie happy vs keeping Tazzie healthy. Thank God Mommy’s in charge!

how to make the dog lose weightHow Do You Know Which Food is Best?

I worry a lot about what food Taz should be eating. It’s so confusing with all the pet food brands out there. Which is better? Dry food? Canned food? And trying to learn which ingredients are good for her or bad for her – never knowing if the information I’m getting is true and accurate or just a sales pitch from a dog food company. It’s stressful because I want to make sure she’s getting what she needs and I certainly don’t want to give her anything that’s not 100% good for her.

Advice from a Veterinarian

I got a lot of help from this video by Dr. Karen Becker.  She’s done a lot of training for people about pet food – you can look on YouTube for more of her videos where she gets into great detail about pet food quality, ingredients, etc., and you can also read more of her advice about pet foods HERE. But this video is a good one to start with, because it explains the differences between different types of food – it’s the best source I’ve seen thus far for best pet foods ranked.

Best Pet Foods RankedYou can buy the book mentioned in the video here. I bought it and started cooking for Taz.  It’s kind of difficult – you have to really study the book to make sure you’re using all the right ingredients.  After doing it for a while, I decided to research more on which brands of ready-made dog food are best for Taz, and I’ve come up with the ones shown below.  So now I do both – I give her the brands I’m showing below that I feel confident with, and also cooking for her.  She loves, loves, loves when Mommy’s cooking liver, chicken hearts and gizzards…she even got a beef heart once.  Eeeeeewwwwww!  🙂

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Best Pet Foods Ranked

Feed the Best Quality Pet Food You Can Afford

I read something about this once that has really helped me over the years with my pets, and that is, “You should be feeding your pet the best quality food that YOU can afford.” If you can afford top-of-the-line, great, but if you can only afford department store brands, then that’s OK. I think the most important thing is that we do the best WE can for our animals. Believe me, the fact that they have a home and our love is the most important thing!

Let’s Share Information!

Please, if you know of any other sources of accurate information regarding which foods we should be feeding our pets for their BEST health, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I’m always interested in improving Taz’s life. After all, according to her that’s supposed to be my main purpose for living, right? LOL!  Debra

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4 thoughts on “Best Pet Foods Ranked – Best and Worst Foods for Your Pet”

  1. Hey there Debra!
    My American Eskimo has a sensitive stomach. So we only feed her Blue Buffalo chicken and rice, I believe is the flavor she gets. Hard food. Anything else and her poor little stomach gets upset. Even canned BB food upsets her stomach. So basically, it was trial and error with her. You have great advice, and pets are the same as people when it comes to, “you are what you eat”.

  2. Wow I have never been thinking about cooking pet food for my dog! I have a husky right now and I always struggle how to feed him healthier. The commercial dog foods are really unhealthy and full of additives and preservatives.
    Before buying the book I would like to know that kind of food am I learning from this book? What benefits will my dog get from it?

    1. It’s mostly about cooking natural, whole food. For example, for Taz I might cook ground turkey, chicken or beef, throw in some “organ meat” such as liver or heart. Then maybe a sweet potato, vegetables and a fruit like a few blueberries. The book gives lots of ingredient suggestions. The biggest benefit, in my opinion, is that you’re eliminating all the preservatives and downright toxic stuff that’s in some commercial dog food brands. Whole, natural food is better – for pets and for us! Thanks so much for the comments.

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