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12 thoughts on “Sign Up for Dogs, Cats or BOTH!”

        1. Hi Alison! You can find a cat or kitten to adopt at your local SPCA or you can go to and see some available for adoption in your area. Debra 🙂

    1. Hi Arlene! Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you signed up for both the Dog Lovers’ List and the Cat Lovers’ List! Your pets are so fortunate to have a loving home. Debra 🙂

  1. Hi!
    Iwe have 2 dogs and 3 cats who share our home and lives. I’ve been having trouble with the diets of all my babies. The dogs are overweight , my oldest cat is also overweight and the twins, Siamese which were found next to our country driveway were the size of chicks when found. My male is white and has a cleaning fetish. He grooms himself frequently so he vomits frequently. I’ve used special dry food for Siamese, then special hair all urinary blend.
    Just a month ago he started vomiting more and it looked like he was vomiting organs(liver). It smelled terrible and he was losing weight and when he stopped waking me up to play I called and spoke to our vet. Next we took him in but the vet kept him overnight and saw no vomiting. We brought him home and he vomited again and I put the specimen in a bottle and sent it with my husband. My vet said there was nothing he could do short of exploratory surgery or I could take him to a special vet in a nearby town who had all of the special equipment.
    He checked him and there was no obstruction or tumors, no physical reason causing the problem. He was vomiting blood and food. We brought him home with no answers. So I decided to feed him tiny portions which worked and helped his irritated esophagus to heal. But an entire
    day of vomiting every meal I had enough. I promised these babies when I found them they would be loved and I would never let them go hungry again, I was afraid that he was going to die, he was so hungry but kept vomiting. Then I decided to try a food with the consistency of a pate’. I ordered a variety and fed him small portions along with some dry but he did better without the dry and it has been almost a week and he has not vomited once. I am trying Hill’s, since that was recommended, but today he had Blue, which all three devoured. I am thrilled. Maybe some cats can’t tolerate all dry food. I’m hopeful!

    1. Gwen, thanks so much for this. It’s so heartwarming to see how you love these animals so. They are so blessed to have you. I’m thrilled that the change in food helped your cat. Thank God!! I’ve searched my website for things that may help you with the issues you’ve mentioned. I hope it helps! Debra
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