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Sign up for a free dog training manual, a free video on how to deal with dog aggression, 5 more free dog training videos, plus information about an additional 4-part dog obedience training series, all by Doggy Dan, Professional Dog Trainer and owner of the dog training website, The Online Dog Trainer.

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  1. Hi I have a 6 month old English bull terrier he has always been a biter and since we got him at 8weeks old he has always bit my partner as soon as he comes through door. He was like that with me but I took him training classes and persevered he still has his moments. He gets that excited to see him he can’t stop himself jumping at him then as my partner shouts then he starts biting him he can’t sit in same room as him. He does this to any male visitors we get. It is a shame he is lovely but my partner isn’t bonding with him at all. Do u think I should get someone in. We have only just had him castrated last week…

    1. Sign up for the Dog Aggression Info in this article (above) and you’ll receive videos and training information that will help. Also, you’ll be shown the website, The Online Dog Trainer. They offer a 3 day trial for $1. Get the trial and during those three days watch all the training videos you can about biting, jumping, etc. I think The Online Dog Trainer website will definitely give you information to help. God Bless your little doggie. I’ve just said a prayer that he can settle down and be content. Debra

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