What is Dog TV?

What is Dog TV?DogTV is a 24/7 dog TV channel, designed to alleviate a dog’s stress and anxiety throughout the day.

Dogs who have to be left home alone for long periods of time, anxious dogs, hyperactive dogs and especially dogs who suffer from separation anxiety, can truly benefit from DogTV.

what is dog tv?

A Quick DogTV Review

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DogTV has several programs fine-tuned for your dog’s needs:

24-Hour Live Stream.  DOGTV’s live stream is specifically designed for dogs and offers a unique combination of visual and auditory stimulation. Relaxing scenes and calming music create an environment that relaxes your dog while also stimulating their curious minds.

Relaxation.  This one is helpful for dogs with separation anxiety and also puppies.

Stimulation.  Mental stimulation is critical for any dog.  This program offers several videos where your dog sees dogs hiking, swimming, going to the park, and so much more.  Super enjoyable for dogs!

Exposure. It’s a big world out there! DOGTV helps dogs learn to experience all that the world has to offer – all the sounds, sites and experiences, with confidence and without fear.

what is dog tv?

Unlimited TV for Dogs!

The programs I’ve described so far are just a small portion of everything that’s available for dogs and their owners on DogTV.  They also have music videos, nighttime/bedtime/sleep videos…you name it, they’ve got it!   You’ll be impressed with everything that’s available!

  • Programs for Humans
  • Holiday Videos
  • Bedtime Videos
  • Music Videos
  • 4-Hour Blocks of Relaxation Videos
  • The Puppy Collection
  • Canine Enrichment Videos

Plus tons of videos about specific dog behavioral issues, caring for senior dogs, and veterinary advice.what is dog tv?

What is Dog TV?DogTV Pricing

Monthly + 7-day free trial $9.99/month

Annual + 7-day free trial $74.99/year

Lifetime + 7-day free trial $199

There are also gift cards available for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and lifetime memberships (see below).

what is dog tv?

DogTV Gift Cards

DogTV has gift cards for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and lifetime memberships.  If you know someone who has a dog who might benefit from this, consider this as a gift. Or get it as a gift for your own dog if they need a little anxiety relief!

Click on each gift card for description, pricing, and ordering:

What is Dog TV?

What is Dog TV?

What is Dog TV?

What is Dog TV?

Do Dogs Like to Watch TV?

People sometimes think dogs watch television due to the colors, but that isn’t necessarily true.  Most people believe dogs can recognize animals on TV.  Seeing other dogs and small animals they’re familiar with can also attract your dog.  You’ll also notice that dogs are fans of motion.  If things are moving on the screen, your dog will likely become interested.

Another reasons some dogs like TV is because of the sounds.  Hearing familiar sounds like other dogs barking can easily catch a dog’s attention.  Soothing sounds can also be relaxing for dogs.

Help for Dog Anxiety

If your dog is suffering from anxiety, read my article, How to Calm a Dog’s Anxiety (includes video).  For more information on dog separation anxiety, read my article, Treating Dog Separation Anxiety (includes video).

the dog calming codeThe Dog Calming Code

If you feel like your dog is having a serious issue with any sort of anxiety, separation anxiety, hyperactivity or aggression, you might want to check out my #1 recommended dog training program called, The Dog Calming Code.  Created by Professional Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist, Doggy Dan, owner of the dog training website, TheOnlineDogTrainer.com.

The program consists of 5 exercises you can easily integrate into your dog’s daily routine to solve these types of issues very quickly.  This program is easy to follow and inexpensive.  Check out the program to get a full explanation of what the program is and how it works.  You may be very glad you found this!

the dog calming code

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