Dog Behavior and Training

Learn the simple techniques to turn any misbehaving dog into an obedient, well-behaved dog…within 1 week or less!

dog calming codeThe Dog Calming Code

Professional Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist, Doggy Dan, has created an inexpensive, easy-to-follow dog training program called, The Dog Calming Code, which eliminates bad dog behaviors quickly and easily…usually within one week or less!

The Dog Calming Code offers the simple, gentle techniques you need to train your dog quickly, effectively, and in a kind, loving manner.

Listen as Doggy Dan explains his dog psychology and why traditional methods of training don’t work. He’ll explain his 5 Golden Rules for establishing leadership with your dog and stopping all behavioral problems.  These Rules are all available inside his course, The Dog Calming Code, with step-by-step instructions on how to use them.

You (and your dog!) will be glad you found this!

the dog calming code

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