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If you’re struggling with aggressive dog behavior, you’re going to be glad you found this! Professional Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist, Doggy Dan (owner of the dog training website, has created a dog training program specifically for aggressive dog behavior.  It’s easy-to-follow, inexpensive and super effective!

I’ll tell you more about his aggressive dog behavior training program later in this post.  But first, let’s talk about some common reasons for aggressive dog behavior. Affiliate Disclosure

6 common types of dog aggression6 Common Types of Aggressive Dog Behavior

One of the first steps to stop aggressive dog behavior is understanding why the dog is behaving aggressively to begin with.  Doggy Dan’s training program will solve all types of dog aggression.  But for the sake of your being informed about what type of aggression your dog is exhibiting, let’s discuss six common types of dog aggression.

1.  Fear Aggression.  When a scared dog feels trapped, they’ll show aggression or even fight to protect themselves.  Aggressive dog behavior is often misunderstood.  It’s likely the dog is not mean or nasty.  They’re often reacting aggressively out of fear.

2.  Resource Guarding.  Dogs will sometimes act aggressively when they’re trying to protect what’s theirs.  This can be their toys, food, bones, or even people.  Dog Food aggression is quite common.

3.  Leash Aggression.  If your dog pulls towards other dogs during walks, barks at them, or even lunges at them, they may be leash aggressive.  Leash aggression is fairly common.  Doggy Dan’s aggression training will solve leash aggression.  You might also want to check out his free leash training tutorial, Guide to Loose Leash Training and Lovely Dog Walks.

4.  Pain Aggression.  Even a dog who is normally loving and gentle can become aggressive when they’re in pain.  If a dog is injured or ill, they may even bite with little or no warning.  They may behave aggressively, even if you’re trying to help them, because they’re trying to prevent further pain.

dog shock collarsAn important side note here:  Dogs who are forced to wear choke collars or worse, electric dog shock collars, can become more aggressive.  Again…due to PAIN.  Please read Doggy Dan’s blog post, Why Dog Shock Collars Are a Totally Unnecessary (and Destructive) Training Tool.

5.  Aggression toward other dogs.  Dogs can become aggressive toward other dogs due to factors like dominance, fear, stress, or lack of training.  If your dog shows aggression toward other dogs, it can greatly influence whether you can enjoy walks with them, or worse, whether you can walk them at all.

Many years ago, I had a miniature doxy named Maggie who would ferociously attack other dogs…even huge dogs!  I wish I would’ve had Doggy Dan’s training back then!  It would’ve saved me having to keep her out of trouble all the time.  That little dog was a scrapper! LOL

6.  Aggression toward people.  There are a whole host of reasons why a dog might behave aggressively toward people.  Obviously, this not just bothersome or annoying; it can be downright dangerous.  If your dog tends to be aggressive toward people, especially children, it’s imperative that you get it solved quickly.  And if your dog is aggressive toward YOU, don’t procrastinate on addressing it.  Get Doggy Dan’s help and get it solved before someone gets hurt!

how to train an aggressive dog

aggressive dog behavior solutionHow Serious is Your Dog’s Aggressive Behavior?

Is your dog so aggressive toward other dogs that you’re afraid to take them for a walk?  Is your dog’s aggressive behavior so unpredicable (or severe) that you’re afraid they’ll hurt someone?  Are you afraid for the safety of other animals, whether it’s your own pets, your neighbor’s pets, or other animals in general? Or maybe your dog is being aggressive toward YOU and you’re beginning to actually fear your dog.

Aggressive dog behavior is one of the biggest reasons why dogs are sent to shelters, dumped on the side of the road, or even euthanized. It’s tragic and heartbreaking, but it happens every day.  Some dog owners truly believe that there is no hope to stop the aggressive dog behavior, and they worry that keeping an aggressive dog will put themselves, their families and other people and animals in danger.  Understandable, of course.

If you’re feeling desperate about your dog’s aggressive behavior, take steps to keep yourself, your family, people and pets safe, then at least try Doggy Dan’s training for aggressive behavior.  According to Doggy Dan, “With a little time and training, any aggressive dog can be given a second chance at living a safe, happy and healthy life.”

Can You Fix Aggressive Dog Behavior?

Yes.  According to Doggy Dan, “When it comes to dogs, the good news is that with proper training these behavioral issues can be curbed, leaving you with a calm and relaxed pup.”  You can stop aggressive dog behavior by understanding why your dog is behaving aggressively and learning the (simple) steps to stop it.

dog trainingAggressive Dog Behavior Training

Doggy Dan’s aggressive dog behavior training program explains exactly why dogs become aggressive and teaches you to see things from your dog’s perspective.  Understanding why your dog is reacting to things in an aggressive way is the first step to getting it solved.

The training includes 5 emotion-control exercises you can do with your dog to quickly train your dog’s brain to realize they don’t have to be aggressive.  These exercises will teach your dog how to control their emotions and look to YOU for guidance in any situation.

These five exercises can easily be worked into your daily schedule.  You won’t have to spend hours training your dog.  Once these exercises have been integrated into your dog’s daily routine, you’ll notice your dog calming down and reacting less to situations that used to trigger aggressive behavior.

The first thing you’ll see when you check out Doggy Dan’s training is a video of Doggy Dan explaining what happens in your dog’s brain when they’re behaving aggressively.  You’ll be shocked!

how to train an aggressive dog

how to train an aggressive dogWho is Doggy Dan?

Doggy Dan is the creator of the dog training website,  The site has more than 300 videos where you get to see Doggy Dan working with dogs and their owners.  He offers a $1 three-day trial to the website and a monthly membership for $37.  It’s been my #1 recommendation for dog training for more than seven years because it is effective and affordable, and covers all dog behavior issues.

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