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As a dog owner, there are several aspects of your dog’s care that you are responsible for and need to be knowledgeable about, not just supplies.  Click the printer icon above to print this checklist.  At the end of the list you’ll see information about my post, How to Care for a Dog, which covers several aspects of dog care (includes video).

new dog checklistDog Supplies Checklist for New Dog Owners

Here’s a list of basic supplies you should have for your dog:

Dog bed
Food and water bowls
Collar (I recommend a harness instead)
Pooper scooper or dog poop bags
Nail clippers
Dog shampoo
Dog coat (Click here to find out if/when your dog needs a coat)
Carrier (for small dogs)

how to take care of a dogHow to Take Care of a Dog

Read my article, How to Take Care of a Dog, especially if you’re a new dog owner (includes video!)  That article covers:

  • Dog Health
  • Feeding Your Dog
  • Dog Treats (or not!)
  • Exercising Your Dog
  • Dog Beds
  • Crate Training
  • Dog Grooming
  • Flea and Tick Protection for Dogs
  • Dog License and Identification
  • Dog Supplies
  • Dog Sitters
  • Dog Training including dog obedience, leash training, potty training, crate training, puppy training.

bringing a new puppy homeChecklist for a New Puppy

You might also like to read my post called, Bringing Your New Puppy Home (includes video).  That article talks more about how to accliminate your new puppy into your home with your family, including kids and other pets.

Here’s a printable new puppy checklist you might find useful!

what do you need for a new puppy

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