The Online Dog Trainer Review

Before I get into the details of this review of The Online Dog Trainer, I want to say that this online dog training website has been the #1 recommendation for dog and puppy training on for more than 7 years, and I’ve yet to find another dog training website I’d recommend more.

the online dog trainer reviewWhat is The Online Dog Trainer?

The Online Dog Trainer is a dog training website created by Professional Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist, Daniel Abdelnoor (known as “Doggy Dan”).  It is by far the best and fastest growing dog training website available. The website contains more than 300 videos where you get to watch Doggy Dan training dogs and puppies and working with their owners.

Check out this video where Doggy Dan personally takes us on a tour of The Online Dog Trainer. Doggy Dan offers a 3-day trial for $1, and in this video he shows you what you’ll be able to see immediately upon signing up!


$1 for a 3-day trial 
$37 per month
$147 for 6 months
$198 for 12 months

online dog trainer review

the online dog trainer reviewsMore Than 300 Videos, Covering Every Topic

Let me explain briefly what’s inside the site. Currently, there are over 300 videos covering everything from becoming the pack leader, to training a puppy, to training a dog to allow you to take a bone, to getting your dog to stop jumping up, to calming a dog in the car.  Everything you can imagine is covered.

But it’s not just the volume of videos – it’s also the quality of the training and the easy to follow, step-by-step instructions you get from watching a professional dog trainer actually do the training!  Here’s a list of just some of the topics covered in Doggy Dan’s training videos:

  • Dog Aggression
  • People Aggression
  • Aggression Towards Animals
  • Aggression Towards Objects
  • Barking on a Walk
  • Barking for Attention
  • Barking Around the Property
  • Barking in the Car
  • Barking When Left Alone
  • Barking at the Door
  • Dogs Running Away
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • Jumping Up
  • Jumping on Furniture
  • Pulling On the Leash
  • Not Coming When Called
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Obsessions
  • Toilet Training

The Online Dog Trainer Product ReviewVideos of Real Consultations

Something that you will love about this site is that when you’re watching the videos, you are actually watching live consultations with Doggy Dan.  There are some videos where he is talking you through some of his dog training theories and techniques but when it comes to troubled dogs, Doggy Dan is actually there working with them and getting results. This is the real deal – an extraordinary dog trainer and dog behaviorist in action with seriously difficult dogs, and you can watch him truly help the dog and its owner.

The Online Dog Trainer Product ReviewProof That the Methods Work

Video is the best way to learn dog training techniques. You actually get to see how a professional dog trainer does it.  Doggy Dan shares his knowledge with amazing skill, and his passion to help really comes across in his videos.  You get to understand not just the concept, but also the actual, practical approach. He explains everything in a way that is easy to understand, in a language that helps you connect with your dog. You begin to actually see things from their eyes – and that’s why his approach works. He is working with the dogs, not against them.

The Online Dog Trainer Product ReviewGentle Methods and Techniques

There is no fear or aggression used. Yet the dogs respond very quickly, and sometimes even immediately.  And the great thing is that you can see it all happening – how he uses his voice, his body language and you also get to see the dog’s reactions. There are no secrets, nothing hidden, nothing held back, and the methods make so much sense. If you are looking for a simple, but powerful approach to developing an amazing relationship with your dog or puppy, or if you need to learn how to stop unwanted behaviors, then this site gives you the help you need.

The Forum

When you join The Online Dog Trainer, one of the free bonuses is the Forum. The questions asked in the Forum are answered by Doggy Dan himself. This is quite different from many forums where users are simply left to chat amongst themselves to guess the next step.  In this forum, Doggy Dan is there to help, which is a huge bonus if you want specific, professional advice for your situation.

The Online Dog Trainer Product ReviewDog Behavioral Issues

Possibly the most impressive thing about this website is Doggy Dan’s ability to help people understand the real cause of their dog’s issues. No matter what the problem is, he covers it in his videos, but he also makes sure that you and your dog end up with a stronger relationship. His Five Golden Rules inside the pack leader section are worth their weight in gold alone – it is something every dog owner should be taught the day they get their dog. With Doggy Dan, no dog is too old, or too stubborn.  They can all be helped once they are properly understood, and his site, The Online Dog Trainer, is the site to help you accomplish that.

Audio Files

Another excellent feature on the website is that Doggy Dan has created several files that you can listen to and have playing as you do other things. New audios files are being added regularly and the quality of these is exceptional. Each audio file is approximately 30 minutes long, providing listeners with valuable understanding of not just what to do, but how it all fits together.

The Online Dog Trainer Product ReviewPuppy Training

One of the latest and most exciting additions to The Online Dog Trainer website is Project Moses. For anyone who has a new puppy, this is a must. In this part of the site, Doggy Dan has taken an adorable new puppy named Moses and videoed every stage of his training from eight weeks old right through to one year old, and those videos are all available on the site. It’s so fun and exciting to watch.  You can see Moses learning all of the commands and growing into quite an amazing dog.

This project in itself is such an incredible concept, that it could be the only training he offers and it would still be priceless.  For people wanting to train a puppy, nothing compares to this.  Nothing.

The Online Dog Trainer Product Review

Endorsed by the SPCA

The Online Dog Trainer Product ReviewDoggy Dan’s dog training website is  endorsed by the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They actively promote it at all their rescue shelters because they know if new rescue dog owners follow Doggy Dan’s training, they are far less likely to return the dog. In fact, they even have a link to The Online Dog Trainer on their homepage. That in itself speaks volumes.

Something that will become immediately obvious to you when you start watching the videos is Doggy Dan’s knowledge, and his passion to help make a difference in the lives of dogs and their owners. He comes across as a genuine guy, as well as being a great dog trainer, behaviorist, author and speaker. His relaxed and competent nature, combined with his enormous amount of knowledge, makes his training videos both educational and entertaining.  Take a look at this video and you’ll see what I mean:

The Online Dog Trainer Product ReviewExceptional $1 Trial

Doggy Dan offers a three day, $1 Trial. This is another really stand-out feature, and an amazing offer from Doggy Dan. For me, being able to see what the site looks like before committing to the monthly cost is a MASSIVE benefit. The $1 Trial lets you check out the entire site and gives you a feel for how the site works and what you are getting.  After having a look around, you’ll immediately understand that you have some work to do.

There’s no magic potion to solve all your dog’s issues.  You have to watch the videos and learn, put the techniques into practice, keep watching to make sure you’re doing it correctly, then once you get past the first couple of steps, spend the time to get onto the next phases of the training.

You’ll know exactly what is involved before you commit.  And you get all of it for a fraction of the cost of a dog trainer coming to your home, as I explain in more detail in my article, Online Dog Training vs. Hiring a Professional Dog Trainer.  Honestly, it really is a no-brainer.

online dog trainer review

The Online Dog Trainer Testimonials

As expected, the testimonials about The Online Dog Trainer are a real joy to read. You can see some of them in my article, Find Out What People are Saying About Doggy Dan. The big difference between these live comments that are continually being posted by people, versus what you find on other sites, is that there is nothing fake about them…they are all 100% genuine.  These are totally real comments, from real people who love The Online Dog Trainer and Doggy Dan’s methods.

The Online Dog Trainer Product ReviewHow Much Does The Online Dog Trainer Cost?

Once you’ve decided to stay on after the 3-day trial, you pay $37 per month. When comparing online training websites, you’ll find The Online Dog Trainer has significantly more content. There’s no doubt that paying $37 a month to have a professional dog trainer in your home 24/7 is worth every cent!

But it gets better!  If you pay for a six-month membership, the cost is $147.  That’s $24.50 per month!

Any even better…You can choose a 12-month membership for $198.  That works out to $16.50 per month!  Seriously, where can you possibly get a full year of professional dog training help for $16.50 per month?

And Doggy Dan covers countless dog behavior issues on his site, whereas some other websites and products out there either don’t really work, or only work for a very specific problem, like toilet training. With The Online Dog Trainer you get everything, most importantly the pack leader understanding, which solves virtually all dog behavioral problems. Plus, if you do your homework, you’ll quickly discover that having a professional dog trainer visit your home costs on average $400!

And that only covers a few hours. With The Online Dog Trainer, you get Doggy Dan with his proven methods that work, in your home whenever you need him.  And of course, you can cancel anytime.

Money Back Guarantee

You have nothing to lose. The Online Dog Trainer not only offers a $1 three-day trial, but they also offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you purchase the monthly membership, then change your mind.

My Final Recommendation

The Online Dog Trainer Product Review

This incredible resource is endorsed by a national SPCA, has over 300 videos, with Doggy Dan himself in the forum. Add Project Moses, the complete section on becoming the pack leader, the “no fear or aggression” methods used, and every behavioral issue you can think of covered, and you have a one-stop, complete dog training solution that’s available 24/7, on your computer or any mobile device.  My advice is obvious…GO FOR IT!

I Donate to Animal Charities

Thank you for visiting my website.  By the way, I donate 10% of all commissions I make on this website to animal charities.  You can see a list of the charities I donate to here.  If you like this website, please share it with your friends – every purchase helps animals! Debra

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26 thoughts on “The Online Dog Trainer Review”

  1. Hi Debra,
    What an awesome and worthwhile article that I just read at your site. People who have young dogs and have issues in getting he/she to behave should take a look at this course by Dan because it clearly has so much to offer as far as training materials.

    My sister has a now 9 year old female Norwegian Elkhound. She has had dogs practically all of her adult life. Yet this one dog, completely different from the others actually failed doggie obedience school in classes that my sister took her when very young.

    The dog does suffer from an anxiety disorder, (having to regularly take medication along with her food) as well as the fact that my sister believes that she is bi-polar. Medically experts, (vets) who have looked at the behavior of dogs say that they can suffer from the same mental/behavioral disorders as human beings.

    Perhaps when younger this dog might have benefited by being trained through the teachings in Dan’s course that you offer – although in this dog’s case, (now being the equivalent of a 60 something female human being) it’s probably too late to change her behavior.

    In any case it was a great article that I had the pleasure of reading seen on your website, Debra!


    1. Thank you for the kind comments, Jeff. If you would, please forward the link to your sister. Who knows – maybe she’ll find even one small thing to make this troubled dog’s life better. 🙂 Debra

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for that really interesting and useful post, I think it should be great to have a dog without those bad behaviors. I just tried some trainers and their’s manners but really weren’t as useful as they said and I have those problems again, I think that post will help me a lot.
    Thank you so much I will try that and for sure send you the result after training.
    Best wishes and good luck.

  3. I really enjoyed your site. I have a pom that doesn’t jump but loves to bite your toes when your walking. He knows his routine for treats and potty time. I raise my voice at him and he walks away but always comes back. I will try to ignore him and see if that works. Thanks for the info.

  4. What a great site you offer for people who need help with training their dogs. I watched a couple of the videos you offer on your page and I can see that Doggy Dan is a caring animal lover and has a lot of valuable dog training techniques to offer.

    1. Yes, it’s very sweet to watch him with the dogs. Whenever anyone signs up for this site, I always think what a lucky dog that person has! 🙂

  5. Thanks for introducing me to Doggy Dan and his training videos! I’m looking for a gentle, non-violent way of training my two miniature dachshunds. They’re both a little over a year old and although they’re both very obedient and loyal, the female does get a little excitable sometimes and can become rather stubborn. On top of that, I’ve just recently rescued a kitten and I’m having a hard time getting the female adjusted to her without having her hunting instinct kick in. Would you happen to know if Doggy Dan covers training dogs to get along with other pets in his videos?

    1. I have a mini doxy too! They’re such great dogs. Yes, Doggy Dan covers training for getting all the animals in your household to get along. And as young as your doxies are, I would definitely recommend checking out The Online Dog Trainer website – you’ll learn everything you need to know about having a long, happy life with those little sweeties. 🙂

  6. What a great resource you offer. We had a hard time training pups so opted for the older ones of 1 1/2 yrs so they would not chew everything so much lol. My daughter though got babies and she will enjoy this program so much. I will get it for her for Christmas i think. His little puppy is so cute and can not wait to see the other videos he has. I am happy the SPCA recommends this program too. Thanks for the info- Tammy

  7. I am currently enrolled in Veterinary technician School and was a pet-care associate at petsmart for 2 years and I do believe that this is a great product but I have one problem with it. When training occurs at a store or a private dog trainer the dog is usually put in group classes to socialize him/her with other dogs and strangers. This is a very important concept in the training process and i do not see how the dog can have access to this with an at home online class?

    1. Socialization is just one of over 200 subjects taught on the website. Doggy Dan suggests taking your dog to a park, or better, a dog park to teach the socialization techniques found on his website. You’re right – can’t socialize with other dogs – without the other dogs! LOL

  8. What a wonderfull and thorough review. This program seems far superior to other similar products on the market.

    I have lived with dogs all my life. I have purchased countless dog training dvds and books, but they were always pretty singular in their focus. I absolutely love the fact that the Online Dog Trainer has over 250 videos. Such a better value than going and buying 200+ different books and/or videos.

    Great job!

    1. His videos really are great. And so fun to watch – especially the Project Moses series, where he’s training a new beagle puppy.

  9. Hi!

    Thanks for all of the amazing information on the doggie training videos. My dog now is 12 years old so he doesn’t need much training but when my two little boys get older I am determined to get a puppy. I will definitely bookmark this site and keep it in mind for when I get a puppy. I am hoping to someday own a chocolate lab.


    1. Make sure, when you go back on the website, that you look for “Project Moses.” It’s where Doggy Dan video-tapes weekly training sessions with his new puppy from 8 weeks old up to a year.

  10. Hi!
    Thank you for your sharing! I also own a dog and sometimes I don’t know how to train my dog. For example,she always barks at me every time when I am entering my home. But she will not bark at me after I am in my home. I always want to find a way to train her not to bark. Perhaps the online dog trainer is the solution that I am looking for.

  11. Hi Debra,

    First of all, I have to say that I absolutely love your site! I love what you’re doing, and I love the fact that you donate to animal charities!

    Your review of the Online Dog Trainer is spectacular! It feels as though this is a top notch program and I am certainly going to pass it on to my friend who I know can benefit from it!

    I fell in love with Moses right away! What an awesome idea Doggy Dan had to film his training right from when Moses was a puppy!!

    I will be back to look through your site some more!

    Thank you so much!

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