Taking Your Dog on a Vacation – Tips for Traveling with a Dog – Free Video

In this video, I’ll give you good advice about taking your dog on a vacation and include tips for traveling with a dog.  There’s a lot of info in this video – stick with me and watch the whole thing, because there’s likely to be stuff you didn’t think of!  Thanks for watching.  Debra 🙂

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Taking Your Dog on a Vacation

There’s lots to consider anytime you’re taking your dog anywhere – whether it’s on vacation, on a weekend trip, camping – or even just on an outing for the day.  The most important thing is that you consider your dog’s comfort and safety.  You have to consider, for example, what you’ll be doing on the trip or vacation and whether your dog is going to be able to join you on those activities – or if they’re just going to be stuck alone in the hotel the whole trip.  You also have to consider many (many!) safety concerns involved with traveling with pets.

Is This Beneficial to the Dog?

You have to consider whether you’re just taking your dog with you because you feel guilty leaving him home alone or boarding him, or if the dog is actually going to enjoy the vacation or the outing.  Will you be doing activities that the dog will enjoy?  Will the dog be safe, both traveling to the destination and while he’s there?  And one of the biggest concerns, in my opinion, is Will The Dog Be Scared On This Trip?  The truth is, most dogs don’t travel well.  A lot of dogs don’t travel well in the car.  A lot of dogs don’t walk well on a leash.  A lot of dogs don’t stay with their owners and will run away.  Many dogs are not ok with being left in a hotel room (most are upset in a hotel even when their owner is in the room with them).  Dogs can get upset, nauceous, sick…you have to consider all of this.

taking your dog on a vacationI Hope This Has Helped

I hope you got good advice in the video at the top of this article, and I hope you’ll continue to check out articles and videos online to educate yourself about traveling with your dog.  And I’m so glad you’re doing this – that you care enough about your precious pooch to make sure you know what you’re doing if you’re considering taking him with you on a vacation or trip.  You’re a good dog parent!  🙂  Thanks so much for visiting.  Debra

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