How to Control Aggressive Dog Behavior – Tips from a Professional Dog Trainer

If you want to understand how to control aggressive dog behavior, you must first realize that your dog is making his own decisions and will not listen to you if you try to show him a different way to behave. What he is doing is simply too important to him and he thinks it’s the right thing to do. Dog aggression is nearly always done in order to protect you, their pack, or their own lives.

Types of Dog Aggression

There are many different types of aggression from dominant, to fearful, and everything in between. If you want to learn how to control aggressive dog behavior, it is important to determine whether the aggression is “all the time,” or just sometimes, and also to look at what your dog is aggressive towards – it could be people, animals, other dogs or objects. Dominant dogs will be more proactive, often attacking when they still have the option of running away. Fearful dogs will only attack if they have no place to run.

You Have to Be the Pack Leader

The most important concept to grasp is that your dog must look to you as the pack leader. (see article How to Be The Pack Leader). You need to convince him that you are the decision maker. Only then can he relax and not feel the need to take it upon himself to be the protector.

Once you have convinced your dog that you are the pack leader, then upon reaching the point where he is usually aggressive you will find that he will actually start to take notice of how you are behaving! Once he sees YOU as the decision maker, he won’t just act – he’ll look to see how YOU are acting, then copy you. Remember, dogs are pack animals and they follow the pack leader.

how to control aggressive dog behaviorTo Get Help

One of the best examples of a professional dog trainer putting this into practice can be found at The Online Dog Trainer.  This website has live videos showing dog training being demonstrated step-by-step.  CLICK HERE to read my review, and get more information.

Watch this video to meet professional dog trainer, Doggy Dan.

how to control aggressive dog behavior

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Cesar Millan Dog Language – Essentials of Dog Behavior DVD

In this latest installment of the “Essentials of Dog Behavior” series, Cesar Millan builds on the foundation discussed in the first DVD of the series,  Dog Socialization, and plunges even further into how most unwanted behaviors can be corrected by understanding what our dogs are thinking (and what they’re trying to communicate!)  Cesar Millan Dog Language shows us that the only way to bridge the gap between humans and dogs is for humans to truly understand how dogs communicate.

Cesar Millan – The Language of Dogs

click here to order

 In this DVD, you will learn…

  • How to properly assess a dog using Cesar’s Five Dog Laws
  • How to understand energy and body language
  • How to prevent unwanted behavior using nose, eyes, and ears

Bonus Features

  • Touching a timid dog
  • What is energy?
  • Meaning of leadership
  • Follow-up with Eli & Oli
  • How to crate train your dog

Product Details

  • English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese subtitles
  • NTSC or PAL format
  • Stereo All Regions
  • 100 minutes

Cesar Millan Dog LanguageTo purchase the DVD, click HERE.



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How to Stop Your Dog’s Digging

So what’s the deal with dogs constantly digging? Why do they do it, and how do we stop them from destroying our yard, our gardens, our plants?  The only way to stop your dog’s digging is to understand your dog’s way of thinking.

how to stop your dog's diggingHere’s How Your Dog Sees It

First, you must know what your dog’s digging is not.  It’s not his attempt to annoy you, and he certainly isn’t motivated by ruining your new flower garden out of spite.  Dogs just aren’t like that.

 It is a Natural Behavior

Dogs are fun loving animals, and many will dig just for fun.  Younger dogs and puppies especially love exploring, investigating, and having fun in the dirt!

How to Stop Your Dog's DiggingSometimes There’s a Specific Reason

They’re too hot.  Sometimes there’s a reason why they’re digging.  For example, if they’re too hot and are trying to dig into the cooler ground.  We had a German Shepherd when I was a kid who dug a huge hole in the yard, and he laid in it all summer long!

They’re trying to build something. They could also be doing it because they’re trying to build a den of some sort.

They have too much energy.  Another possible reason is because they simply have too much energy and are trying to channel it into something – getting your dog more exercise will certainly help with this one…more walks, more throwing the ball around, etc.

Smelly fertilizers. One of the biggest motivators for dogs digging is the use of strong smelling fertilizers.  This will drive your dog crazy, so be careful where you sprinkle your magic plant food.  And while we’re on this topic, you should know that slug pellets can be deadly for dogs.  Some products on the market claim to be save, but if they don’t actually say that, then consider them deadly for your dog.

How to Stop Your Dog's DiggingHow to Stop Your Dog’s Digging

So now you’re making sure your dog has plenty of exercise, given him a place in the yard where he can stay cool, removed smelly fertilizers and other lawn products…so what now?

Like I said, digging is a very normal and natural activity for dogs.  However, excessive digging is not. Most dogs dig, but the secret is to manage it. Here are some things that may help:

Digging Pits

If you can keep your dog’s digging to one area then you are halfway there.  This can be done by creating a clear digging pit – possibly with just a few pieces of wood set in the yard in a square to “make a spot.”  You could even start the digging with a shovel, put a few toys and in – bury them – and encourage your dog to dig in that specific area. You’ll be surprised how fast your dog gets the message – that it’s ok to dig in that spot.  If you find him digging in a different spot, re-direct him back to the designated digging area.  Be patient – give him time to understand this.  In the meantime, if he’s still digging holes in other parts of the yard, you might try placing something hard like a brick in the holes he’s dog…it’ll discourage him from trying to dig in that same spot again.

Digging When You’re Not Home

One of the biggest problems that people have is digging when they leave the property.  However, the solution is quite simple. This particular issue is not caused by excessive energy or a dog who loves digging. It is a pack leader issue.  That’s right – your dog is digging most likely to try to escape the property to find you.  That is why so many dogs who dig when their owner is away are digging around the base of the fence or gate.  Dog owners will often say, “he only digs when I’m away – never when I’m at home.”  That’s because when you’re home they can relax and be happy.  When you leave, they feel they have to try to find you. They see it as their job to protect you and look after you. Many dogs will become stressed when they are left home alone and will relieve that stress by digging.  Destructive behavior such as chewing is the same thing – they are stressed out because they think it’s their job to project you, and you’re not there.

How to Stop Your Dog's DiggingBecome the Pack Leader

In a nutshell, if your dog sees you as the pack leader, they will relax when you aren’t around.  Not only this, but so many other issues you may be having with your dog will likely disappear when your dog understands that he is not the one in charge.  The best way to accomplish this is to get specific, step-by-step training from a professional dog trainer.  And on the website, The Online Dog Trainer, that’s exactly what you’ll get.  This website is run by professional dog trainer, “Doggy Dan.”  His methods are so easy to learn – he teaches you the process in easy to follow VIDEOS!  There are more than 250 videos on Doggy Dan’s website covering every aspect of dog training you can possibly think of.  And believe it or not, you can actually check it out – go to the site and watch as many videos as you like – for three whole days – for $1!  It’s Doggy Dan’s way of showing you how easy this can be, and how unnecessary it is for dog owners to have difficulties with unwanted dog behaviors.  Believe me, both you and your dog will live happier, easier lives after you’ve had some of this training!

Becoming the pack leader using Doggy Dan’s method is not harsh or difficult.  It is a very kind and gentle way of working with your dog.  Doggy Dan explains in his videos some very simple steps on exactly how to become the pack leader.  The site also has fantastic sections on everything from training a new puppy, to stopping any unwanted behaviors.  I fully recommend you take a look.

how to stop your dogs digging

How to Stop Your Dog's DiggingBecoming the Pack Leader Will Help

Whatever your digging issue, becoming the pack leader will help your dog to relax, when you are home or away, and then any training you do with your dog from that point forward will be so much easier.  If your dog does not see you as the pack leader, he’ll continue to try to do things his own way, and the two of you will be in constant conflict – you trying to get him to do this, and his continuing to do that.  So make sure that you get the order right…you first need to win your dog’s mind, then you can train their body!

Remember, Dan gives you a $1 trial for 3 days!

how to stop your dog's diggingTo get YOUR access now, CLICK HERE.

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How to Control Dog Behavior – Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules

The dog training website, The Online Dog Trainer is run by professional doggy dan's 5 golden rulesdog trainer and behavioral specialist, Doggy Dan.  You can read my review HERE.  Throughout the site, Doggy Dan refers often to, “Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules.” These five rules form the foundation of his training methods. They are the underlying principles of how to control dog behavior. Doggy Dan’s training methods are far more effective than those of other trainers because Doggy Dan teaches owners how to get to the root cause of the behavioral problem to solve it – and that is something that very few trainers do. 

Doggy Dan gives you a 3-day, $1 trial of his website so you can sign up, pay $1, and have three full days to watch as many of his training videos as you like.  You’re not obligated for any more than that!doggy dan's 5 golden rules

Establishing the Five Golden Rules

Once you establish Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules into your dog’s daily routine, you will have given your dog the message that YOU are the pack leader. Without the rules, you are giving them the message that THEY are. It’s that simple. Applying the Five Golden Rules can totally transform your dog, and they are all very easy to put into place.  Four of them take virtually no time at all – in fact, they save you time.  And as is true with all of Doggy Dan’s training techniques, there is no force, fear or aggression used. With the five rules firmly in place, many of the issues you are facing will simply disappear.  Doggy Dan even gives you a PDF that you can print and put on your refrigerator which lists the 5 Golden Rules so you can have it as a daily reminder of how to get your dog to always see you as the pack leader.

Read my review of The Online Dog Trainer HERE, or

doggy dan's 5 golden rules

doggy dan's 5 golden rulesWhat’s So Special About Doggy Dan’s Training Methods?

When asked how his training methods differ from those of other trainers, Doggy Dan tells this story, which captures the essence of what he does:

“I received a phone call from a lady named Kelly who lived about an hour from me.  She had a little Bichon Frise named Terri who had been suffering from terrible itching for more than two years.  Kelly’s vet had tried everything he could think of as far as medication, but nothing worked.

He finally suggested that it could be a stress-related behavioral issue. Kelly contacted me and that’s how I found myself in her living room, talking to her and the family about Terri. As we spoke, Terri chewed and licked herself at regular intervals, and her little legs were brown and aggravated from years of incessant licking. She was a sorry sight.

My solution was simple. As is always the key, I treated the cause of the problem, which involved showing Terri that she was not in charge and that she could relax rather than sit there stressing and licking herself. That was it.

You see, dogs have a pack mentality, and Terri had assumed the very stressful role of being the pack leader. She had taken on the responsibility of looking after all her pups (human family members) and protecting the den (the house and property) and it had her terribly stressed out.

So, I taught the family five lessons, which I call the Five Golden Rules of Becoming the Pack Leader.  They were simply the principals that had to be put in place to give Terri the message that she no longer ruled the house.

Two weeks later I received an email from Kelly saying that the chewing and licking had stopped. I  was very pleased (I always am when I hear that I have been able to help), but I was not surprised.  Over the years I have seen every single issue stopped by putting into place these Five Golden Rules. They are the foundation of becoming the Pack Leader in your home that must be put into place before ANY training can begin. Without them you are wasting your energy, money and time.”

doggy dan's 5 golden rules

About Being the Pack Leader

  • Being the pack leader is something that you need to be for your dog.  It allows them to relax and enjoy life.
  • Everyone in the house needs to be giving your dog the same message: the 5 Golden Rules.
  • The more you are the pack leader, the more your dog will watch you and respond to your behavior and follow your lead, making training easy.
  • Establishing yourself as the pack leader is the start to solving every problem and the basis for having the dog of your dreams.

The Online Dog Trainer doggy dan's 5 golden rules has more than 250 detailed, step-by-step videos covering every issue of dog training, including The 5 Golden Rules of Being the Pack Leader.  Doggy Dan gives you a 3-day, $1 trial of his website where you can sign up, pay $1, then have three full days to watch as many of his training videos as you like.  You’re not obligated for anything more – so you have nothing to lose for trying it!

Read my review of The Online Dog Trainer HERE, ordoggy dan's 5 golden rules

DebraMy Recommendation

I personally have a big fat crush on Doggy Dan.  🙂  I’ve been a dog lover since I was a small child.  Dogs, in my opinion, have personalities, feelings, thoughts, spirits and souls.  I love them madly, and every time I watch one of Doggy Dan’s training videos, I see so clearly that he feels the exact same way about dogs.  I love that his training techniques never, ever use force of any kind.  His techniques are loving, kind, super effective and way easier than you’d ever think.  I believe in Doggy Dan (I have the 5 Golden Rules PDF on my fridge right now!), and I highly recommend his website.  Please comment below to let me know how you and your dog make out with Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules.  Debra

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Dog’s Body Language Meaning – How to Understand a Dog’s Behavior

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking when he’s interacting with another dog?  Sometimes it can be really frustrating not knowing whether to step in when your dog is interacting with other dogs, or if you should just let them do their thing. You’d be amazed how many people misread their dog’s behavior  – and yet reading dog body language is actually pretty easy – when you know how! Understanding a dog’s body language meaning as well as how to understand a dog’s behavior really just boils down to knowing the tell-tale signs. Once you know what they are, you’ll know, for example, if your dog is happy playing or if he’s feeling scared or distressed.

Dogs can read each other without any effort.  It comes naturally to them.  But for humans, it’s not so easy.  It’s up to us to learn the different body language signals dogs use.

Dog's Body Language MeaningBasic Dog Language Gestures

Below are some of the key gestures that you can look for to understand what your dog is thinking which I learned about on a website called, The Online Dog Trainer – run by world-famous dog trainer, “Doggy Dan.”  The website consists of more than 250 videos in which Doggy Dan demonstrates training methods for every issue you can think of.  At the end of this article you’ll see a video by Doggy Dan where you’ll get to see all the body language signals I’ll talk about in this article.  You can see my review of The Online Dog Trainer HERE.

Dog's Body Language MeaningThe Head Over – Placing their head over the back of another dog’s neck

This is one of the most common ways a dog will attempt to assert his dominance over another dog. It is neither good nor bad. Some dogs, however, will resist it if they are not happy being dominated. A dog who is not happy with this will definitely let the other dog know!

Dog's Body Language MeaningReturning To Play – A dog returning to play more with another dog

This is a sign that suggests a dog is happy to play. Often this simple behavior is overlooked by dog owners. Many times a dog may look like they are not enjoying things as they are being dominated and pushed around, but most times the dog is actually very happy and will run back for more!

Dog's Body Language MeaningLifting One Paw In The Air – The dog stands still on three legs

This is a fairly submissive gesture that says, “I am submissive and nonthreatening.”  The other dog may react in a number of ways, but this is generally a good sign.

Dog's Body Language MeaningHackles Up – The hair on the dog’s back goes up

Very often people think that this automatically means that the dog is being aggressive or going to be aggressive.  However, it can also just be excitement. It does mean that the dog is very alert, but this can be because they just love playing with other dogs. Keep an eye on your dog and don’t panic.

Dog's Body Language Meaning360 Degree Spins – The dog completes a complete spin.

The dog spinning almost certainly indicates that he is very happy and is trying to encourage play activity. When a dog turns their back on another dog, it shows that they are relaxed and not scared.

Dog's Body Language MeaningFor More Information

There are so many little things to look for – some more obvious than others. One of the best places to learn how to read dog body language is Doggy Dan’s website The Online Dog Trainer. Dan even offers a 3 Day $1 trial of the site that YOU can take advantage of, so I suggest the next thing you do today is take a look inside the site! This video website is an excellent source of learning not only about how to understand your dog’s behavior, but also how to stop  unwanted behavior and train dogs and puppies.

Here is just one fantastic example of his work, demonstrating the above dog behaviors and many more:


Dog's Body Language MeaningDoggy Dan’s site is truly amazing with over 250 videos inside. Simply take the 3 day $1 trial inside Doggy Dan’s site to see many more videos on dog training.

Please comment below and let me know what you think of Doggy Dan!


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Cesar’s Way Product Review – Website by Cesar Millan from The Dog Whisperer and Cesar 911!

Cesar’s Way Product Review

Price: FREE
My Rating:  A+

My favorite feature:  ALL of the features.  This website is so chock full of information, you couldn’t possibly learn/read/see everything.  The information provided here is so valuable, useful, thorough, and endless!

Cesar Millan is a best-selling author, public speaker, and the internationally acclaimed star of “Cesar 911,” as well as the original, Emmy-nominated host of the TV show, “Dog Whisperer.” Cesar has more than 25 years of dog care and training experience and is the most recognized and sought-after authority in the field of dog care and rehabilitation.

Cesar's Way Product ReviewCesar’s website, Cesar’s Way, is a wonderful resource for information and help for dog owners. Help can be found here for every dog related issue you can think of.

Here is just a sample of the topics covered on this website:

Dog Training

Aggressive behavior
Separation anxiety
Barking too much
Jumping on people
Licking people
Peeing in the house
Pulling on the leash

Dog Care

Choosing/working with a vet
Traveling with your dog
Puppy care
Senior dog care
Dental care
Ear/Eye care
Paws, skin care
Dog Safety
The list goes on and on!

Cesar's Way Product Review

What You’ll Find on the Cesar’s Way Website:

Home Page. This page contains Cesar’s latest articles about everything from puppy training, to problem dog behaviors, to dog care and health.  The home page also contains information and announcements about the events Cesar is currently involved in, a schedule of Cesar’s live appearances, a place where you can sign up for Cesar’s weekly newsletter, and also some of the products Cesar is currently offering.

Shop Page.  Here is where you’ll find the products Cesar promotes and supports.  You can find things like:

Cesar's Way Product ReviewCLICK HERE visit the website and find answers and help for any problem you may be having with your dog.  And please, comment below to let me know what you think of Cesar!

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Best Way to Train a Dominant Dog – How to Be the One in Control

If your heart sinks every time you see another dog approaching while on a walk with your dog, then you have a problem!  I had a miniature dachshund named Maggie for 11 years.  She was a scrapper!  Every time she’d see another dog while we were out, she turned into Cujo – and would viciously attack!  I can’t tell you how many Dobermans I had in headlocks trying to save my doxy…lol!  Luckily for Maggie, the (very!) large dogs she attacked usually just seemed confused as to what the heck she even was (are you a dog?  a woodchuck?) – and they would be very tolerant of her and not bite her back.  Meanwhile, however, I would be having a heart attack!

Best Way to Train a Dominant DogI Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now. 

Learning the best way to train a dominant dog is something I wish I had accomplished years ago. I now know that if your dog is dominant, the answer is not to just look for an exit strategy every time another dog comes around. The thing that so many dog owners don’t understand is that training starts at home.  If you’re giving the correct messages at home, then that training will follow through when you leave the house.  Dogs are simple animals.  They are about survival, first and foremost. They instinctively feel the need to protect the property, and the pack, especially when they are outside.

Best Way to Train a Dominant DogDogs are Pack Animals

Dogs understand that there are leaders and there are followers.  The leaders decide what is dangerous and take the initiative to protect the pack. So what do you think happens when your dog thinks that they are the pack leader and they walk down the street and see another dog coming? That’s right – Protect! Protect! Protect!  But what starts that reaction to begin with is the fact that your dog somehow got the message at home that HE has to be the pack leader.

Best Way to Train a Dominant DogThe Secret is This: YOU Need to Be the Pack Leader.

All dogs are different.  Some dogs are naturally more dominant than others, and there are some who are content being more submissive. It doesn’t really matter what kind your dog is.  Once you establish for your dog that you are the pack leader, all of your training efforts will begin to work.  All it’ll take is a gentle pull on the leash, a distraction with a treat, a gentle word of warning.  You need your dog to turn to YOU for guidance when another dog shows up.  If he sees YOU as the pack leader, he will let YOU decide whether there is danger or not.  Whatever your reaction is to the other dog (calm, relaxed, inviting), your dog will be able to relax and follow your lead.

Watch here as “Doggy Dan,” professional dog trainer and owner of the dog training website, The Online Dog Trainer, explains the importance of pack leader training.

Check Out The Online Dog Trainer Website Here

man with dogThe Pack Leader Foundation Has to be in Place FIRST.

Read this article, How To Be the Pack Leader, then visit The Online Dog Trainer. Learn how to become the pack leader, and everything else will be easy.  In the meantime, here are some tips to help you on the walks:

Use food distractions.  This approach is effective with some dogs.  The key, though, is to use it as a distraction – don’t give food as a reward after your dog has lunged toward the approaching dog.  Use something extra yummy, like chicken or cheese, not their regular milk bones.

Take it slow.  Don’t expect miracles overnight. Until you have put the pack leader rules in place, things will be slow going.  Pushing things too fast will result in your dog getting the wrong messages.  Whereas, going slowly helps to build the dog’s confidence.

Be the one in charge.  Make sure you’ve got control of your dog before any other dogs come into sight. Keep a firm handle on the leash and keep the dog close to you.

Stay focused on what you want.  It’s easy to get upset by your dog’s behavior, but remember you need to show your dog exactly how you want him to behave. Stay relaxed.

Be ready to take over.  Stay focused on the best result, but be ready to step in and quickly guide your dog away or gently tug or correct him. Once you’ve done this, remember to relax immediately, again showing your dog what his reaction should be.

Learn How To Become the Pack Leader

One of the things I love about the concept of becoming the pack leader is that it works with the dog’s natural instincts. It’s natural, in doggie land, for one dog to be dominant over another.  You can’t take that instinct out of your dog.  But by positioning YOURSELF as the pack leader, your dog’s instinct to try to be in charge will be greatly diminished.  He will be able to relax and enjoy himself, without having to worry about being the decision maker, or being the protector.  He’ll trust YOU to be that.  Believe me, it makes for a much more enjoyable life for both of you!

dog trainingFor More Help

The Online Dog Trainer offers more than 250 easy to follow, step-by-step videos on every aspect of dog training, including becoming the pack leader.  It is a training resource I wish I knew about 20 years ago!

ultimate cat secrets

If you have more ideas on how to train a dominant dog, or if you have questions or comments, please comment below.  Thanks!  Debra

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