Recall Training for Dogs

Professional Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist, Doggy Dan (owner of the dog training website, has worked with thousands of dogs throughout his career.  Check out Doggy Dan’s free tutorial about recall training for dogs and why dogs typically won’t come when called.

recall training for dogs

recall training for dogs

Are You Terrified to Let Your Dog Off the Leash?

A dog who won’t come when called is not only frustrating, but it can be dangerous for your dog depending on the situation.

The four most common reasons why your dog won’t come when called are:

  1.  Too many distractions
  2.  Leadership issues
  3.  Lack of consistency
  4.  They’re afraid of you

It’s Probably Not Their Fault

It’s not always that your dog is being intentionally defiant.  Most often, it’s a miscommunication between a dog and their human that causes recall issues.

recall training for dogsMost Recall Training Methods Fail

Any fear-based training method is ultimately going to fail because those methods will make them actually try to get away from you instead of coming to you.

Recall training with treats only works in a perfect situation.   If there are distractions, your dog likely won’t be interested in a treat.  For example, if you’re in the park and your dog sees a squirrel, he’s going to care more about the squirrel than a treat!  And if you don’t happen to always have treats available, this recall training method won’t be useful.

recall training for dogsDon’t Give Up!

If you’re struggling with recall, don’t give up just yet!

The trick to getting your dog to come when called (or getting your dog to do most anything, actually), is to communicate with your dog effectively.  And by effectively, I mean in a way your dog will actually understand.

Doggy Dan has developed a dog training program called, The Dog Calming Code This program addresses each of the four common reasons why dogs won’t come when called.  More importantly, the program focuses on building a relationship with your dog in a kind and gentle way.  This builds trust for your dog, so they’ll come when you call them.

The Dog Calming Code is a program that addresses the root cause of your dog’s behavior.  So no matter where you are or what’s going on around you, your dog will ALWAYS come when called.

Are you ready to have a dog that will listen in any situation, even if there’s something as tempting as a squirrel or another dog nearby?

Check out this training program and see how it can benefit you and your dog, not only with recall issues, but with dog training issues of any kind.

recall training for dogs

recall training for dogsWho is Doggy Dan?

Doggy Dan is the creator of the dog training website,  The site has more than 300 videos where you get to see Doggy Dan working with dogs and their owners.  He offers a $1 three-day trial to the website and a monthly membership for $37.  It’s been our #1 recommendation for dog training for more than seven years because it is effective and affordable.  You can read my full review here.

recall training for dogs

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