9 thoughts on “How to Stop Your Dog from Barking”

  1. Thanks for this information – it will be like absolute gold dust to my auntie! It’s not so much the barking that bothers her but more the need for the dog to be quiet at important times ( ie when she’s on the phone to a business function! ). Shes tried to desensitize the dog to the stimulus of something new but he still carries on. He’s three years old now – any ideas?

  2. Our biggest barking issue is the dog barking at us in the living room when we are trying to relax. He gets his walks every day and spends a day at doggy day care with his dog pals. The barking for attention when we want him laying down and relaxed needs a solution. Having to constantly give treats as a distraction is getting old.

  3. Great site and I love where you donate to charities 😉
    I live out in the country and am thankful I do. I have Great Pyrenees and they bark at night to keep the coyotes away yet share their food with the skunks lol. They do not bark during the day even when I am gone but they know I am the pack leader and that is very important with such big dogs.
    We are connected to several big farms with horses, cows and chickens and it is so funny how when a calf or foal is born during winter they will sleep with it the whole night to keep it warm and even in the rain. These are not dogs for neighborhoods but pastures and I will always have two around. The old one to teach the new younger one how to work. Barking is only a problem when the dog feels abandoned or afraid just like you said.

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