How to Stop Puppy Chewing Furniture – Free Video

In this video, we’ll talk about the reasons why puppies chew furniture, and also go over a list of ways you can get a puppy to stop chewing furniture. I’ll provide a lot of good information and tips here, and I’ll also refer you to a puppy training program for more advanced help.  Thanks for watching!  Debra

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How to Stop Puppy Chewing Furniture

The best way to learn how to stop a puppy from chewing furniture, is to first understand why they’re doing it.  Puppies chew for a variety of reasons, many of which are discussed in the video above.  Most of the time simply providing an alternative, such as puppy toys, and continuously redirecting the puppy toward his own toys will do the trick to stop the puppy from chewing.  But destructive chewing can get worse if it’s not addressed early on.

Puppies Chewing Can Be Dangerous

As I discussed in the video, puppies chewing furniture can be dangerous.  The puppy can swallow parts of whatever he’s chewing, and it can be toxic (such as in the case of certain plants), or cause choking (such as tiny pieces of things breaking off and being swallowed) – and sometimes a puppy can require stomach surgery if they swallow something particularly harmful.  Not to mention the dangers of electrical cords and household cleaners and chemicals.

Puppy Chewing Could Be a Symptom of Something Serious

Again, as discussed in the video, puppies chewing excessively can be an indicator of a serious medical issue.  Puppies with gastrointestinal issues will chew grass, plants, or other items in an attempt to induce vomiting.  Puppies will also chew furniture and other items if they’re experiencing a vitamin deficiency, are hungry, or are suffering from malnutrition or starvation.  Another cause may be anxiety or separation anxiety, a serious issue that can escalate to dangerous levels if left untreated.  You can watch my video about separation anxiety HERE.

how to get a puppy to stop chewing furnitureI Hope This Has Helped You!

I hope the information in this article and the video above have been helpful to you in figuring out why your puppy is chewing furniture, and also ways to get him to stop.  And please, get the professional dog training help mentioned in the video from The Online Dog Trainer and seek advice from your veterinarian if your puppy’s chewing persists.  Thanks so much for visiting.  Debra

how to get a puppy to stop chewing furniture

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