How to Stop Cats from Fighting

If you have multiple cats and they fight, it could very well be that they just don’t like each other.  But there are plenty of other reasons why cats fight, and fortunately, you can learn how to stop cats from fighting. The easiest way to approach it is to 1) figure out what they’re fighting about and 2) eliminate/solve the issue. Affiliate Disclosure


how to stop cats from fightingAlways Consider Medical Issues First

Cats can develop emotional issues, hostility and irritability as a result of a medical issue.  Specifically, if they are sick or in pain, they won’t want anyone to come near them, touch them – and they certainly won’t be open to interaction with another cat.  Make sure your cats are seen regularly by a veterinarian, and always take your cat to the vet if there is a sudden change in his behavior. Refer to this article, Indoor Cat Health, for more information.

Some cats don’t like to share their food and water dishes.

Try providing a separate food and water dish for each cat, in separate locations. This will eliminate any competition over the food and water.

Don’t make them share the litter box.

It’s a good idea to have one litter box per cat, just for the sake of keeping it clean.  If you have multiple cats using one litter box, it’s nearly impossible to keep that one box clean, and you end up running into problems with getting them to use the litter box.  But having a separate litter box for each cat should also eliminate any fights about the litter box.

How to Keep Cats from FightingGive them their own bed.

Each cat in your household should have their own cat bed in a separate location.  Some cats like to snuggle up together, but some prefer to sleep alone.  Try to put each cat’s bed in a place where they tend to hide or nap in, giving them a private place to retreat and rest. (That’s my little Miss Abigail in the pic.)

Provide enough toys.

Eliminate competition by making sure you have “enough for everyone.”  You can find a nice selection of cat toys HERE.

scratching postOffer separate scratching posts.

Cats scratch not only to sharpen their claws, but also to stretch and to mark their territory.  It’s the mark-their-territory part that causes fights.  Try giving each cat a scratching post, in separate locations. (That’s my boy, Whiskers in the pic.)

cat treeProvide a high perch or two.

Some cats like to sit in high spots because they feel safe.  If you have a “fraidy cat” who doesn’t have a place to escape to, he’s going to the feel the need to protect himself and he’ll be in fighting mode all the time.  Sometimes just providing a place for one of the fighting cats to flee to will eliminate cat fights.  One option is to purchase a cat tree. (Whiskers again in his cat tree!)

Try using window perches.  

These are great because they get to look outside, plus get away from the other cats.  Be careful about this, though…purchase more than one window perch, otherwise you’re setting up yet another thing to fight about!  Get at least two.

Make sure your cats are eating healthy.

Cats need the right nutrition – specifically a moist, balanced diet.  Well-nourished cats are less likely to develop emotional and medical issues that can result in inappropriate behavior.  Please refer to this article, Best Food for Your Cat for more information.

Are your cats getting enough exercise?

Many indoor cats don’t get enough physical exercise.  This can result in pent-up energy that ends up coming out as hostility toward other cats in the house (or you!)  Try interactive cat toys to get them moving.  And of course, remember the simple things like a feather tied to a string – your playing with your cat with this simple toy will provide hours of enjoyment and exercise for your cat, plus it will enhance your bond with them (awwww…)

how to stop cats from fightingLook for signs of misdirected aggression.

Sometimes a cat is ticked off because of something that actually has nothing to do with the other cats in the house – but just like us, they may lash out at who ever happens to cross their path!  An example might be if you trim your cats nails and he hates it (imagine that…) – then afterward he immediately attacks one of the other cats…see what I mean?  They’re ticked off about something and are simply lashing out.  So whenever you see a cat lashing out at another, try to see if there’s a connection to a recent event or experience – what ticked him off?

Create a calming environment.

A product like Comfort Zone Cat Diffuser can help calm cats down and reduce emotional responses such as aggression.  You might consider this if there’s a particularly stressful situation going on, such as the introduction of a new cat or dog to your household, a new baby, or moving.  This product produces a scent that is proven to help reduce the frequency and intensity of tension and conflict between cats.

If you weren’t able to prevent a fight and need help, read this article about How To Break Up a Cat Fight.

how to stop cats from fightingFor More Help With Your Cat

If you need more help with your cat’s behavior or any other cat issues, I recommend a cat training program called, Ultimate Cat Secrets.  It’s a 12-part audio program that covers every cat behavior issue you can think of!  It’s only $37 and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  For more information, go to Ultimate Cat Secrets.

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4 thoughts on “How to Stop Cats from Fighting”

  1. Hi Debra, very interesting article and some great ideas about stopping cats from fighting, We have two cats ourselves and occasionally they will get into it themselves. I never thought about having separate litter boxes in till readying this, and come to think about it, this seems to be when they fight when one is coming out of the room with the litter box. Also what a great idea about getting a couple of window perches, we have a kitchen table next to a window and yes they tend to fight over that also lol, I’m sure glad I stooped her.

    1. So glad you found this useful. Interesting about the litter box – definitely let me know if that solves the problem!

  2. I have 2 outside male cats and 3 females. The oldest male bully’s the other male and attacks him for no reason. How do I stop it?

    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks so much for your comment. I suggest following the steps in this article to make sure you’re getting rid of the things that might be upsetting the “bully” cat.

      Also, you might get help from this article, Cat Stress Relievers – 10 Things That Stress Your Cat Out:

      Trying to get to the reason why the cat is getting aggravated is the trick. Both articles contain a video. Please report back and let us know how you make out! I’ll keep helping you…

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