How to Stop Cats from Fighting – Free Video

In this video, we’ll discuss how to keep cats from fighting. The best way to handle this issue is to 1) figure out the reasons why the cats are fighting and 2) eliminate or solve the issue(s). We’ll talk about several reasons why cats fight and I’ll give you concrete, effective ways to solve the issues. I’ll also refer you to an inexpensive, effective cat training program, as well as give you the link to a video about how to break up a cat fight. Thank you for watching! Debra

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how to keep cats from fightingWhy Do Cats Fight?

In the video, we discussed several reasons why cats fight.  Most commonly, it’s a matter of competition, territory or jealousy.  Some cats just don’t like sharing their stuff, whether it’s their food dish, their bed, or their litter box.  Others see the other cat as someone who is stealing your love and attention.  And less common, a cat will fight because they are frightened and don’t see any other alternative.

How to Stop Cats from Fighting

The best way to stop cats from fighting is to first understand the reason why they’re fighting – for example, are they fighting over the food dish?  The litter box?  A toy?  And second, to figure out ways to eliminate or solve the issue.  The answer may be as simple as giving them each their own food dish, to having two separate litter boxes, or even making sure you’re giving each cat equal time and attention.

how to keep cats from fightingI Hope This Has Helped!

I hope the information contained in the video has given you some real solutions.  Please feel free to comment below if you have questions or other ideas for solutions!  Thanks so much for visiting.  Debra

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