How to Make My Dog Lose Weight – Free Video

In this video, we’ll discuss dog obesity, how to determine your dog’s ideal weight, how to weigh your dog, and we’ll discuss step-by-step things you can do to help your dog lose weight.  Thanks for watching!  Debra 🙂

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Dog Obesity

Dog Obesity is just as serious an epidemic for dogs as it currently is for humans. Dog obesity can greatly reduce your dog’s life span, and greatly lower your dog’s quality of life. Helping your dog to maintain a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do to increase the quality of your dog’s life, as well as make him live longer (and enjoy his life more!)

How to Help a Dog Lose Weight

As discussed in the video, there are several easy steps you can take to help your dog to lose weight.  These include reducing the dog’s food intake to be more in line with the amount of food the dog actually needs to fuel his activity, exercising the dog more (a few minutes of playtime in the evenings or a short walk can do wonders), paying attention to what your dog’s body looks like, and refraining from feeding too many table scraps. In my opinion, the easiest and most effective way to help your dog lose weight is to start feeding them raw vegetables instead of treats.

how to help your dog lose weightDog Obesity is Preventable

I hope you found this video and article helpful in showing you that dog obesity is treatable and preventable. Please feel free to comment below to let me know how your dog is doing on his weight loss journey!  Please feel free to add suggestions or ask questions as well.  Thanks for visiting!  Debra 🙂


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