How to Correct Dog Aggression

Regardless of what sort of aggression your dog is showing, there is help!  Dog Behavioral Specialist and Professional Dog Trainer, Doggy Dan (owner of the dog training website, has created an easy-to-follow and inexpensive dog training program called, The Dog Calming Code, that’s particularly effective for correcting aggressive dog behavior. Affiliate Disclosure


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Training to Stop Dog AggressionCan Dog Aggression Be Cured?

Virtually all dogs can be trained successfully, for any dog behavior problem, including aggression.  So don’t give up on your dog, even if you’ve tried several dog training techniques that haven’t worked.  Regardless of why your dog is being aggressive, the same rules apply when it comes to dog training.

Training to Stop Dog AggressionWhy is it Important to Train an Aggressive Dog?

Dog aggression is serious.  Dealing with a dog that’s aggressive is extremely frustrating.  And it can be downright dangerous if you’re at risk of your dog hurting you, another person, a child, or another dog.

Sadly, your frustration can put a wedge between you and your dog, making you to feel disconnected or even resentful toward your dog.

But here’s the good news…

  • It’s very likely that your dog DOES NOT NEED MORE TRAINING.  The solution is actually far more simple than that.
  • It’s easy to get your dog to obey you once you LEARN HOW TO COMMUNICATE with your dog in a way the dog can understand.

Training to Stop Dog AggressionYou Need a Solution NOW!

The techniques Doggy Dan teaches in The Dog Calming Code will solve the aggression issues you’re having with your dog quickly, easily and permanently.  That’s because Doggy Dan teaches you how to communicate with your dog in a way the dog can actually understand.

It is NOT more training that your dog needs. Rather, it’s the knowledge of how to communicate with your dog to let them know that you are the one in charge.  Most dogs are followers, not leaders.  Stepping up as a leader for your dog is one of the most kind, loving things you’ll ever do for your dog!

Training to Stop Dog AggressionEffective Training to Treat Dog Aggression

The Dog Calming Code will provide the following results for you and your dog:

1.  Sets Up a New, Healthy Relationship Between You and Your Dog. Setting up a healthy relationship with your dog is one of the most important things you can do as a dog owner.  When you get this right, EVERYTHING ELSE FALLS INTO PLACE.

2.  Makes Training Your Dog Easier.  Once you’ve got The Dog Calming Code in place and a solid relationship set up, you’ll find your dog is LISTENING to you, wanting to FOLLOW your lead and TAKE DIRECTION.

3.  The Dog Calming Code is Totally Instinctive to Dogs.  This is dog training that actually MAKES SENSE TO YOUR DOG!  You’ll be able to communicate with your dog in a way that they will immediately understand.  You’ll be speaking your dog’s language, which is the easiest, most effective way of training your dog.

4.  The Dog Calming Code Builds Tolerance.  Your dog will not be reacting when something alarming suddenly occurs, like a child playing, a squirrel running, a friend coming over for a visit, or another dog approaching.  These things will be far less likely to set your dog off, so having to keep them under control doesn’t happen as often.

5.  The result of The Dog Calming Code is a Calm Dog.  Soon after putting The Dog Calming Code in place, you’ll notice that your dog is generally far calmer.  That’s because your dog is now focused, watching and listening to YOU.  They’ll be able to switch off, not be so alert and anxious, and be much calmer and HAPPIER about life.  Aggressive dog behavior just won’t be an issue anymore.

What’s the Drawback?

The Dog Calming Code includes 5 exercises you’ll need to incorporate into your dog’s daily routine.  The exercises are only effective if you actually use them.  You will have to go through the training and you’ll have to incorporate the training techniques into your dog’s routine.  It’s not difficult, but you have to actually do it.

Training to Stop Dog Aggression

the dog calming code reviews The Dog Calming Code Reviews

“I’m still working through all 5 golden rules in The Dog Calming Code, but they are so manageable and already seeing results!”…Jessica P.

“The Dog Calming Code and Doggy Dan provide tips and strategies to show your dog that you’re the pack leader. I’ve tried a few of his tips and they really do work.”…Nancy H.

“I found The Dog Calming Code very easy to follow and Max is a changed dog! He actually listens to me now (most of the time!).  He’s still a work in progress, but I have high hopes.”…James R.

Training to Stop Dog AggressionYou Don’t Have to Struggle with Dog Aggression

There’s just no need to struggle trying to train your dog to stop being aggressive.  Get The Dog Calming Code, incorporate the steps into your dog’s daily routine, and you’ll see results quickly.  You (and your dog!) will be very happy you found this.

the dog calming code

causes of dog aggressionFor More Information About Dog Aggression

If you’d like to have a better understanding of what causes dog aggression, check out these articles (each include a video):

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Common Misconceptions About Dog Aggression

doggy danWho is Doggy Dan?

Doggy Dan is a Professional Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist, and the creator of the dog training website, It’s been my #1 recommendation for dog training for more than eight years because it is effective and affordable. The site has more than 300 videos where you get to see Doggy Dan working with dogs and their owners. He offers a $1 three-day trial to the website, and a monthly membership for $37.  You can read my full review here.

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