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Welcome!  I’m Debra and I’m the owner of, a website devoted to the care, health and training of dogs and cats.  I’m happy to provide these 31 free dog training tutorials for help with training your dog.

help with dog trainingMy #1 Recommendation for Dog Training

I’ve been recommending Doggy Dan, owner of the dog training website,, on my website for more than 7 years for dog and puppy training.  That’s because Doggy Dan’s training methods are kind, easy-to-follow and effective.

31 Free Dog Training Tutorials

Doggy Dan has created these free, very thorough dog training tutorials.  I’m happy to provide these for you so you can see Doggy Dan in action!  Click any of these links to go directly to the free tutorial:

Why You’re Struggling to Train Your Pup

Crate Training a New Puppy

Stop Dog Barking Without Hurting Your Dog or Puppy

How to Set Your New Puppy Up for Success

Misconceptions About Dog Aggression

Dog Obedience School – Does My Dog Need It, and Is It Worth the Cost?

Stop Disciplining and Start Correcting: How to Improve Dog Obedience

How to Safely Socialize Your Dog with Other Household Pets

Dog Training for Beginners – Can I Train My Dog Myself?

7 Steps to Keep Your Dog Off the Furniture

Doggy Dan’s Ultimate Guide to Leash Training

How to Get Kids Involved While Training Your Dog at Home

8-Week-Old-Puppy-Schedule: Ultimate Guide to Training Your New Puppy

Dog-on-Dog Aggression Solved

How to Potty Train an Adult Dog

How to Settle a Dog Who’s Always Busy

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping Up on House Guests

Why Dog Shock Collars Are a Totally Unnecessary (and Destructive) Training Tool

Recall Training for Dogs

How Your Dog Is Communicating with You Through Their Body Language

5 Naughty Puppy Behaviors and Bad Habits to Reshape Before It’s Too Late

Separation Anxiety in Dogs: It Has Nothing to Do with Boredom

The #1 Reason Positive Reinforcement Training May Fail Your Dog

Doggy Dan Debunks 5 Common Dog Training Myths

The Scary Reality Behind Forgoing Dog Training

Dog Socialization Training : Why Dog Parks Aren’t the Best Option for All Dogs

rescue dog trainingRescue Dog Series:

Resource Guarding

Putting an End to Aggressive Behaviors

How to Successfully Acclimate a Rescue Dog Into Your Home

5 Methods for Overcoming Dog Anxiety

Inappropriate Elimination Issues

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help with dog trainingWho is Doggy Dan?

Doggy Dan is a Professional Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist, and the creator of the dog training website,  The site has more than 300 videos where you get to see Doggy Dan working with dogs and their owners.  It’s been my #1 recommendation for dog training for more than 7 years because it is effective and affordable.  You can read my full review here.

The 31 dog training tutorials I’ve provided in this post are completely free.  I hope you’ll take advantage of as many as you like!

dog training onlineDoggy Dan’s Dog Training Prices

If you decide you’d like to continue getting help with dog training from Doggy Dan, you can purchase any of Doggy Dan’s dog training courses, or you can choose to purchase a membership to his website.  Doggy Dan offers a 3-day trial for $1.  Then membership starts at $37 per month with big discounts if you purchase a 6-month, 12-month or lifetime membership.  There are lots of super-affordable options to choose from, and they’re all backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

FYI:  If you have a new puppy, I recommend getting the 6-month membership.  You’re likely going to need that much time to cover everything that’s involved with training a new puppy, so you might as well get the discount instead of going month-by-month.  Just my two cents LOL

The Online Dog Trainer

peoplelovinganimals.comI Donate to Animal Charities

Thank you for visiting my website.  If you purchase a dog training course or membership from Doggy Dan, I will receive a small commission.  I donate 10% of my earnings on this website to animal charities.  You can see a list of the charities I donate to here.

If you like this website, please share it with your friends and family who have a dog or a cat.  Thanks so much!  Debra

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