Foods to Give a Dog with Diarrhea Checklist

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Electrolyte Water  Propel Unflavored Electrolyte Water  or  Unflavored Pedialyte

Baby Food  Chicken and turkey flavor

Skinless Chicken Breast

Rice or Pasta

Bananas  Baby food version of bananas

Canned pumpkin  Plain canned pumpkin, not prepared pie filling

Plain Yogurt

Unsweetened applesauce

White potatoes with no skin

Low-fat cottage cheese


Note:  I personally found that when I gave my dog vegetables on a regular basis, he had far fewer digestive issues and less occurrences of diarrhea.  Tomatoes, frozen vegetables like peas and carrots, green beans. Maybe this will help your dog too.  Try replacing dog treats with veggies!

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I am not a veterinarian.  Information for this article was obtained online, from the sources shown above, and from my own personal experiences.  Debra

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