Dog Bite Safety for Children – Free Video

In this video, we’ll go over several tips for dog bite safety for children.  I’ll also be giving you several resources for more information from professionals about dog bite prevention and dog biting training in general.  Thank you for watching!  Debra

To read the article discussed in the video, click here:

Dog Bite Safety for Children – What You and Your Kids Need to Know

dog bite safety for childrenTo visit The Family Dog website, click here:


Dog Training Manual Free

Dog Bite Safety for Children

Keeping kids safe from dog bites is much easier if you have the right information.  In the video above, I talk about a dog training website called,  This website has a fantastic dog training program specifically made for children.  It uses fun songs, games, puzzles and quizzes to help children learn about dog bite safety, along with everything else having to do with dogs and dog training.  You can visit their website HERE.

Why Dogs Bite Children

You’ll learn more about this when you visit website, but in general, the most common reason a dog will bite is because the dog is in pain.  Dogs will also bite to protect their property, their home, or their owners/family.  They will bite if they feel threatened, and yes, they will bite if some bratty kid is torturing or teasing them.  Seriously…please make your kids behave when they are around dogs.  The dog, and the family who owns the dog, should not have to suffer because your child was allowed, by you, to abuse or mistreat their dog.

Dog Bite Prevention

Here are a few more articles that discuss dog bite prevention that will give you more tips and information:

Dog Training for the Kids – That’s Actually FUN!!

Dog Biting Training Tips – Education and Prevention

Dog Training for the Kids – That’s Actually FUN!!

dog bite safety for childrenThe Best Way to Prevent Dog Bites

The best way to prevent getting bitten by a dog, or to prevent your dog from biting someone, is to get the right training.  I strongly encourage you to watch the videos on my YouTube channel and on this website about this issue, and to read the articles I’ve provided here.  Dog biting is a serious issue, and has terrible consequences for people, children, and dogs.  And all (yes, ALL) dog bites are absolutely preventable.    I hope this information has helped you to become more knowledgeable about dog bite prevention.  Please comment below if you have questions, and thank you so much for visiting my website!  Debra

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