Discount Dog Pet Beds – I’ve Already Done the Comparison Shopping for You!

Discount Dog Pet BedsI’ve been shopping online for years.  I hardly shop in regular retail stores anymore, because I almost always (no, scratch that…ALWAYS) find what I’m looking for way cheaper online.  As a big-time pet lover, I’ve spent thousands of dollars of …

Best Value on Pet Supplies – Save Up to 50% on Pet Supplies at Pets Warehouse

Best Value on Pet Supplies

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Best Value on Pet SuppliesAbout Pets Warehouse

Pets Warehouse started in 1974 with breeding birds (yep!) Today they are one of the industry’s top pet retailers, offering the best value on best supplies. …

Best Flea Medicine for Dogs and Cats – What is Advantage II and How Does it Work?

Advantage II by Bayer is the leading and best flea medicine for dogs and cats. It has two separate ingredients that protect your pet against current infestations and future infestations from larvae, pupae and flea eggs: Imidacloprid, which affects …