Cat Proof Window Screens

As spring and summer approach, providing window protection for indoor cats is crucial.  Cats can escape, cats can fall out of windows, plus cats can destroy your window screens.  Installing cat proof window screens is one way to keep your cat (and your screens!) safe.

How to Cat Proof Window Screenscat proof window screens

According to the ASPCA, “Pet owners can fully safeguard their animals by installing snug and sturdy screens in all their windows.  Cats and small dogs can slip through childproof window guards, so it is important to recognize that these do not provide adequate protection.”

Keep in mind that some cats might try to scratch their way through a screen (especially if there’s a squirrel or a bird on the other side!)  Cats also might be able to push through the screen with just their body weight, whether they’re doing it intentionally or by accident. You should cat proof your windows for both.  You can double up or replace your current window screens with heavy mesh screens.  These can be cut to fit into your window frame.

BEWARE!  Sometimes screens can be advertised as pet proof or cat proof screens, but they actually only protect against scratching and damage by your cat rather than effectively keeping your cat from getting out.  Make sure you’re getting screening that is strong enough to keep the cat inside, not just to protect your

cat proof screensHere’s screen material on Amazon that’s described as:

  • 40% stronger than standard fiberglass screen
  • Perfect for large windows, doors and other high usage areas that need extra protection against active pets and young children
  • Easy to install

This is screen material to replace your existing screens.  Notice it says, “protection against active pets,” not that it keeps pets inside.  But it’s stronger than standard fiberglass screens.

pet safe window screensIf you want something to cover your existing screens instead, look at this one on Amazon.  I think this is the one I’m going to try because I rent, and because I can remove these during winter.  Plus, I like the idea that it goes over the existing screens – double protection!

You may want to visit your local hardware store to specifically ask for screens that are strong enough to keep cats inside.

Cats Scratching Screens

If you want to keep your cat from damaging your screens by scratching, trim your cat’s nails regularly.  You can learn how by reading my article, How to Cut a Cat’s Nails at Home. You can also refer to my article, How to Stop a Cat from Scratching Furniture to learn how to deter your cat from scratching and get your cat to use a scratching post instead.

How to Keep Your Cat Indoors

One of the ways you can discourage your cat from trying to escape through a screen is by doing all you can to make them happy and content being indoors. If cats are getting enough exercise and mental stimulation indoors, they’ll be less likely to try to get out.  For several tips on ways to do this, read my article, How to Keep Indoor Cats Happy.

catioIf Your Cat is Still Trying to Get Out

If you struggle every spring and summer with your cat trying to either scratch or push through a window screen or constantly bolting for the door, you might consider creating an outdoor area designated for your cat like a catio.  Catios are becoming more popular because it’s a way to allow your cat to experience being outside, safely.  You can learn more about catios by visiting CatioSpaces.

I suggest reading their article, Choosing the Best Type of Catio for Your Home.  If you purchase a catio from CatioSpaces, I’ll receive a small commission if you use promotion code, PeopleLovingAnimals.  You can also see a variety of catios on Amazon

I suggest watching Jackson Galaxy’s video, What is a Catio? for lots of tips and information about using a catio, safety and making the catio fun for your cat.

A Few Catio Safety Tips

Make sure the catio is constructed properly, especially if you’re making it yourself.  Don’t leave your cat unattended for long periods of time in the catio so as not to expose them to rain, excessive heat or cold, or wind.  The catio should be built to keep your cat safe from predators like neighborhood dogs, coyotes or other cats.  If your cat wears a collar, make sure it’s a breakaway collar to prevent the collar from getting snagged in the catio.  You may want to actually set an alarm whenever you put your cat in the catio so you don’t forget they’re out there!

Your Cat’s Safety is Important

I personally would be devastated if my cat, Whiskers (that’s him in the pic) escaped through a screen and was lost, injured, or killed.  I tend to fret a bit too much about my pets sometimes, but I think in this case, it’s wise to err on the side of caution when it comes to this issue.  Especially if you live in a two-story home or a high-rise building.  Cats have fallen out of windows.  We have to make sure they’re safe!  I hope this article has helped.

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