10 Things That Stress Your Cat Out

One of the reasons cats get stressed out might be because cats equate routine with control.  Change the routine, and they lose control.  Or at least that’s the way they see it.  If cats don’t feel like they’re in control of their environment, then tend to get anxious and stressed out.  Many people don’t realize how we can create stress for our cat.  Here’s a list of some triggers, as well as a video, with ways to relieve your cat’s stress.

10 Things That Stress Your Cat Out!

1.  Punishing them for acting like a cat.  Cats scratch things.  And cats need activitycat stress

and mental stimulation just like every other living creature.  It’s our job to provide appropriate places to scratch.  We also must provide toys and a window view if possible.

2.  Assuming they understand what you’re saying.  Cats need to be taught, just like any child or animal.  It’s our job to learn how to communicate with our cat and be patient while they learn.  For help with understanding how to train your cat, check out this terrific cat training ebook:  Complete Cat Training Guide.

3.  Grasping and/or shaking their head.  Dogs like it when people come up to them, cup their head in our hands, and ruffle their ears…know what I mean?  But cats hate this.  Cats prefer gentle touching.

4.  Holding onto them to hug or kiss them.  When you try to hold your cat, he may perceive it as being restrained – which is what happens in the wild when a predator catches a cat.  In order to be comfortable, your cat needs to maintain his ability to move freely and escape.

5.  Not taking care of the litter box.  Most cats will happily use the litter box and not the floor or carpet as long as you keep the litter box clean. Cats are clean animals by nature.  If you need help with this, check out my article, How to Get a Cat to Use the Litter Box (includes video).

6.  Picking a bad location for the litter box.  Don’t put the cat’s litter box in an open, noisy, high-traffic area of your home.  They want a private, safe spot to do their business just like us.

7.  Getting mad when they attack!  It’s tempting and fun to wiggle your toes or fingers under the blanket to watch your cat’s reaction.  But don’t be surprised when he goes for it and sinks his claws and teeth into you!  If you mimic the behavior of prey, your cat will attack. Use toys instead of your fingers and toes!

8.  Leaving them home for days.  Some people think that because cats are independent and don’t have to be let outside to go to the bathroom, that it’s OK to leave them home alone for days on end.  It’s not OK.  For more information about this, read my article, Leaving Your Cat Home Alone: Tips for Safety and Comfort (includes video).

9.  Using scented candles, plug-ins, perfume or strong-smelling chemicals.  Cats are very sensitive to odors.  They can easily become overwhelmed by smells in the air, on clothing or bedding, and even on you. Try to keep your use of chemicals of all kinds to a minimum, especially the ones that have a strong odor.

10.  Bringing Home Another Cat.  Any new living thing you bring into into your home – a guest, a new pet, a new baby, will cause temporary stress for your cat.  For help on how to properly introduce a new cat into your home, I suggest watching cat expert, Jackson Galaxy’s video, How to Introduce Cats.

For more information about taking care of your cat, read my article, How to Keep Indoor Cats Happy (includes video).

Need Help with Cat Training?How to Keep Indoor Cats Happy

If you need help with your cat’s behavior, I can recommend a very good resource for cat training called, Complete Cat Training Guide from KingdomofPets.com. This is a downloadable ebook covers 25 cat behavior problems.  It includes the best cat training techniques and step-by-step instructions.  This program is $37 and comes with a full money-back guarantee.

How to Keep Indoor Cats Happy

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