Cesar Millan DVD Dog Training – Dog Socialization

Price: $29.99
My Favorite Feature:  Shows actual dog socialization problems and how Cesar addresses the dog’s issues. Provides REAL HELP for dog owners!

Here’s a Preview!

In his DVD, “Socialization – A Guide to How Dogs Socialize and How To Avoid Unwanted Behavior, world-famous dog behavior expert Cesar Millan  (from the TV shows Cesar 911 and The Dog Whisperer) takes us through four different situations:  at home, on a walk, at the office, and at the dog park – and teaches us how to properly address and correct dog socialization problems in this 90 minute DVD. Learn what dog socialization is, and why it is an important factor in achieving balance and harmony with your dog.

In this DVD, you’ll learn…

  • The myths and facts about dog socialization
  • How to understand anti-social behavior
  • How to understand the root of your dog’s insecurity, dominance, and aggression issues
  • Cesar Millan’s Five Dog Laws, Ten Principles, and Five Pack Leader Techniques for achieving a balanced relationship between you and your dog

Bonus Features

  • A brief history of dogs
  • Cesar’s tips about dog park etiquette
  • Understanding your dog’s position within the pack
  • Exclusive post-training follow up footage

Product Details

  • English Closed Captioning (CC)
  • Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese subtitles
  • NTSC or PAL format, Digital Download is region free
  • Stereo All Regions
  • 90 minutes

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6 thoughts on “Cesar Millan DVD Dog Training – Dog Socialization”

  1. I like the use of the videos on your website, to help others to better take care of their own pets. Also, engaging your readers by asking for photos and how things work out when they try them is fantastic. Best of luck on your website and I will be following your success

  2. Everyone having a dog must see this DVD. It could have an enormous impact on the future of dog and its social life. I recommend it for first time dog owner, the experienced dog owner, the trainer, the breeder, the doggy daycare owner the groomer and anybody intersted in dogs.

  3. Cesar Milan is an absolute master. His techniques are highly effective and I use them daily with my dogs and help friends with theirs.

    It’s amazing the difference it makes when the dog just recognizes you as the pack leader compared to when they feel they are boss.

    Many folks think it’s cute to let their dogs sit on them on the couch and sleep with them in their beds. One of tthe biggest no-no’s ever. To us it’s adorable and cute because they love us right? To them, it’s because they are Alpha and run the show.

    Would always highly recommend cesar’s products to any responsible dog owner.

    1. I agree 100%! I also think the dog is nervous and anxious when they think they have to be in charge. They’re far more relaxed and happy when they don’t have to be the decision maker! Thanks for the comments! 🙂

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