Cat’s Behavior Explained – Solve Cat Behavior Problems FAST!

cat behavior secrets revealed bookLearning how to train your cat isn’t as hard as you might think.  Cats have a reputation of being, ummm…difficult.  They don’t live-to-please like dogs do, and most of the time, at least in my experience, my cat doesn’t care what I’m doing, what I need or want, what would please me or not please me – as long as HER needs are met!  The fact is, cats are all about CATS.   They want to be fed, warm, happy, cozy and taken care of.  Don’t we all!  But unfortunately, their not-so-eager-to-please attitude can certainly create a desire to have our cat’s behavior explained.

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Cat's Behavior ExplainedThe Reasons Why Cats Misbehave

In order to effectively train your cat, you must understand how cats think and what drives their actions. Cats and dogs do not think alike.  So trying to use the same training methods for a cat as you would a dog just doesn’t make sense.  Cats have completely different instincts than dogs.  And they don’t react to situations the same way dogs do.

Yelling at your cat or worse,  physically punishing a cat, will only make them fear you.  It will not solve behavior problems.

There is, however, one learning method cats, dogs, and even people do have in common – and that is “conditioning.”  In other words, they learn to associate certain behaviors with certain outcomes.  Cats learn that certain activities result in positive rewards, so they continue to do them over and over again. They learn that other actions cause negative outcomes, so they avoid them.

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Cat's Behavior ExplainedHow to Solve Cat Behavior Problems – FAST!

If your cat has behavior issues that are causing problems in your household, you can address them and get them solved., created by cat trainer Elizabeth Barton, offers training advice – training advice that WORKS – for every cat behavior issue you can think of!  Here is just a sampling of the issues they address:

  • Peeing and pooping everywhere except in the litter box!
  • Biting – usually unexpectedly
  • Digging in houseplants
  • Fighting with other cats
  • Keeping you awake at night (howling at the moon?)
  • Scratching
  • Spraying (eeeeewwww!)
  • Getting on the kitchen counters
  • Being afraid of people
  • Just plain misbehaving!

Cat's Behavior ExplainedWhy Listen to Elizabeth?

Reason #1:  Elizabeth has read and studied more than 100 books and articles about cat behavior, cat health, and cat care.  She’s worked closely with vets, animal shelters and adoption center volunteers…and listened to stories of happy cat owners.

Reason #2:  For years she worked in pet careers, so she has a lot of hands on experience with cats, as well as other pets.

Reason #3:  About six years ago, she came across a colony of feral (wild) kittens. They were tiny, flea bitten and half starved. Someone had to help them and Elizabeth decided that someone was her! It took hours, but after chasing them around (they were afraid of people, and some were mean) she finally got them all in the car and to her house. They were FAR from well-behaved. And she knew these little rascals had very little chance of ever finding a good home unless they were trained.  Using the knowledge she already had, along with devouring dozens of books on cat training and cat behavior, she was able to turn them all into sweet, loveable, well behaved kitties in just 13 days.  She ended up keeping two of them as her own pets. The fact is, for over nine years now, almost everyone she knows turns to her,  the “cat wrangler,”  for advice whenever their cats misbehave.

What People Are Saying About

“If it hadn’t been for this website, I don’t know what I would have done. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!! Sebastian is actually using his litter box again, I can’t believe it!  Who knew there were so many reasons why he would stop using his litter box, my vet had said maybe it was just a phase because we had moved to new home.  If it hasn’t been for this website, I don’t know what I would have done.   I was just so frustrated. Our new house was already starting to stink like pee and my husband wanted us to get rid of him. Now everything is back to normal and we’re a happy family again. If you ever write another book, tell me because I won’t hesitate to buy it!”

Shaila Maddock
Apple Valley, California

Your tactics worked like a charm. Thanks so much!  I would highly recommend to anyone who has a cat or is planning to get one.

Judy Burney
Beaverton, Oregon

You Don’t Have to Struggle With Cat Behavior Problems

Cat's Behavior Explained

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2 thoughts on “Cat’s Behavior Explained – Solve Cat Behavior Problems FAST!”

  1. Fantastic article – my nan used to have seven cats (yes seven) and they were all very different in personality and behaviour. I wish my nan had been familiar with Elizabeth products as she could have benefited from them for sure! She no longer has seven cats (she wound up with them in the first place coz they went to a shelter and got two who turned out to be pregnant!) but this post is very handy for anyone who has one cat or more! I love your witty sense of humour in describing the issues many cat owners face and also the additional product reviews from other those who have purchased Elizabeth’s products. Great! Can’t wait to read more of your articles and tips on animals – I will pass on this one to any cat owners I know 🙂

    1. Thanks so much – I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. Yes, please pass it along to cat owners. We need all the help we can get handling these guys! 🙂

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