Best Puppy Training Methods – FREE One Hour Video Webinar with a Professional Dog Trainer

People Loving Animals is proud to let you know about this one-hour long video webinar with professional dog trainer, “Doggy Dan” from The Online Dog Trainer.

Turns out learning how to raise a perfect puppy is easier than we thought!  We hope you enjoy “Raising the Perfect Puppy and Beyond.”

In this Free Puppy Coaching Session, Doggy Dan covers…

How to avoid stress and frustration by understanding how to STOP and PREVENT these 3 common problems:

Mouthing and Biting: Why puppies do this and how you can prevent it. Also, what to do when you are seriously under attack and the most powerful way to stop it.

Training Puppies – Terrible 2’s? Why so many perfectly behaved puppies seem to turn into nightmare dogs at around 10 months of age – and how it’s so easy to prevent!

Getting your Puppy or Dog to Walk Nicely on Leash! The number one reason that puppies and dogs are trouble on the leash and the solution.

The Best Puppy Training Advice

You’ll be excited to know that there’s lots more puppy training by Doggy Dan at The Online Dog Trainer.   Doggy Dan has a video series called, “Project Moses”  where he films himself training his new puppy, Moses, from when he gets him at 8 weeks old, all the way up to when Moses reaches one year old.  Check out this video:

 Best Puppy Training Methods

Best Puppy Training Methods For more information about Doggy Dan and The Online Dog Trainer, click HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Best Puppy Training Methods – FREE One Hour Video Webinar with a Professional Dog Trainer”

  1. Wow, as an animal lover myself (I have two dogs) I think this is a great idea as some breeds of dogs are a little hard to train. Just like my Morkie who still has accidents and little bouts of not listening to me at all haha. But I love ’em and I think this page is very welcoming to new pet owners.

    1. Thanks Jason. I watched this video myself, and even though I’ve owned dogs for more than 30 years now, I still learned a ton of stuff!

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