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Should I Have Pet Insurance? The Answer is YES – Embrace Pet Insurance Review


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Should I Have Pet Insurance?

The Answer is YES!

Embrace Pet Insurance Review

When it comes to selecting pet health insurance, the difference is in the details.

You should shop around and compare pet health insurance plans on a point-by-point basis. Here are six tips for comparing pet health insurance programs:

Tip #1. Does the plan use a benefit schedule?

A benefit schedule is a list of diagnoses with the maximum amount that the pet insurance plan will pay if your pet requires treatment for that diagnosis.

Tip #2. Does the plan cover genetic conditions?

Many people love purebred dogs and cats but purebreds can harbor genetic and hereditary illnesses. For example, Labrador Retrievers are more prone to getting hip dysplasia, Poodles to progressive retinal atrophy, and Chihuahuas to luxating patellas. Even mixed breed dogs and cats are susceptible to genetic conditions.

Tip #3. What is and is not covered?

Is it clearly stated on the company’s website exactly what you’re getting? The last thing you want is to make a claim and find out later that the company won’t cover your pet’s condition for one reason or another.

Tip #4. Are there per-incident limits?

An incident is any given injury or illness. Per-incident limits restrict the overall amount you can be reimbursed.

Tip #5. What are the rules around pre-existing conditions?

Are pre-existing conditions excluded permanently or temporarily? Some plans exclude all pre-existing conditions while others (including Embrace) differentiate between pre-existing conditions that are “curable” and “incurable” so that you may get coverage in the future for curable conditions.

Tip #6. What do customers say about them?

Visit to read candid customer reviews of all the major pet insurance plans in one place.


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