How to Change a Cat’s Behavior – Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed

Introducing Liz Barton’s eBook

How to Change a Cat's Behavior“Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed

A Quick, Easy, Step-By-Step Guide That Reveals The Secrets To A Well-Behaved Cat

Regardless of the reason your cat is acting out – whether it’s because of stress, a medical condition, or because he simply doesn’t know what you expect…the result is enough to drive you up the wall. But now you can finally get some help to end this frustrating behavior and learn how to change a cat’s behavior.

Liz Barton’s books contain straight to the point, no-fluff REAL solutions to cat behavior problems.  Liz’s training techniques WORK. You can learn how to solve anything from litter box problems, biting, spraying, scratching, keeping you up at night, chewing on cords, jumping on the table, and pretty much any other cat behavior problem you can think of!

You will save money by ending cat behavior problems once and for all. No more carpet cleaning bills, having to buy new (or repair) furniture, replacing chewed-up chords…

You can also save time by having all the answers you need in one easy-to-follow ebook. No more searching the internet for hours, trying different solutions about how to solve cat behavior problems without knowing if they’ll work. And you’ll always have the ebook to refer back to in the future if any other cat behavior issues come up that you need help with.

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Get it FAST. Because this is a digital download, you get it immediately. You can start correcting unwanted behavior right away.

It’s safe and effective. Some of the information out there about handling cat behavior issues is not only incorrect and ineffective, but can actually be dangerous to your cat.  One example:  I’ve seen people suggesting that moth balls be used to keep cats away from areas where they are not wanted.  Moth balls are extremely toxic to cats! You have to make sure you’re getting your information from a reliable, qualified source!

How to Change a Cat's BehaviorHere Are a Few Things You’ll Find in Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed:



How to Solve Litter Box Avoidance Problems

  • How to get rid of (not just cover up) the smell of cat urine from your carpet and furniture. Not only will it save you a lot of embarrassment, but your cat will also be less likely to use the same spot again once you eliminate of the odor.
  • 13 reasons why your cat may be peeing and pooping everywhere but the litter box…and easy to follow solutions to help them go where it’s appropriate.
  • How to choose  litter your cat will like so they will do their business in the litter box.
  • The one surefire technique to get any cat to use the litter box – no matter how stubborn your cat may be!

How To Stop Your Cat From Biting

  • Stopping the sudden “attack mode” with one simple action.

  • Learn the six common signals cats use to say “back off!” and how you should respond.

  • Learn three effective ways to handle “play biting.”  They think it’s fun and cute – NOT!
  • Learn one place you could be petting your cat that causes unprovoked attacks. You’ll be shocked at the message you’re sending!

Helping Your Cat to Handle Stress

  • Learn three ways to head of stressful situations right away… before they cause behavioral problems.
  • Learn the stress free way to move your into a new house without fear of her running away and the one danger to avoid at all costs.

How to Stop Cat Scratching

  • Learn the three instinctive reasons why cats scratch. 
  • Learn seven ways to make your furniture an unappealing scratching spot so your cat scratches the post instead.
  • Learn how to choose the right scratching post for your cat.

How To Stop Cat Spraying

  • Discover the four reasons why cats spray…and how to quickly put a stop to it.
  • Learn eight spraying tips for multi-cat homes. If you have more than one cat, this is Must-Have information!

How to Deal with a Frightened Cat

  • Learn the one critical key to winning over a timid cat.
  • Three things you should never do if a cat is afraid.

Getting Your Cat to Get Along with Other Cats or Dogs

  • Learn how to follow five crucial steps for a successful “getting to know you” period.
  • Tips on fostering homeless cats…use this advice to trick your other cats into thinking the new cat is one of them!

Building A  Loving Relationship With Your Cat

  • Discover eight ways to create a loving relationship and bond with your cat.
  • How to choose cat toys that are fun and safe.

How to Solve Other Cat Behavior Problems

How to stop cats from chewing on electrical cords, how to convince your cat that night time is sleep time, not play time.  Ways to keep your cat off the kitchen counters, ways to keep your cat from digging into your house plants!  The information you’ll find in this book is endless!

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More Books by Liz Barton

How to Change a Cat's BehaviorCat Grooming And Health Secrets Revealed eBook

Learn how to get rid of fleas, ticks, worms and hairballs. You’ll also learn how to perform a mini check-up, what to do about spider bites and bee stings, how to recognize symptoms of a cat ingesting poison, plus other emergency situations…and more.

How to Change a Cat's BehaviorSpecial Mini-Report: Amazing Kitten Care Secrets: A Comprehensive Guide To Caring For And Raising a Happy, Sociable Cat

Tips for raising your kitten in one comprehensive guide. You’ll learn how to kitten proof your home, how to choose between a male and female kitten (and how to tell the difference!),  how to socialize your new kitten, how to choose the right vet, how to train your kitten, how to keep your kitten safe, and much more!

How to Change a Cat's BehaviorSpecial Mini-Report: Feline Nutrition Secrets

Your cat depends on you to make healthy choices when it comes to nutrition. Now you can become an expert with this information packed special report. You may be surprised by what you find out!

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Please comment below and let me know what you think of Liz and how you make out with your kitty!

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